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  1. eh cs2 isnt the best, you can get CC for free and thats alot better. Well its at least what i use.
  2. Hes actually right, but if you really dont want to learn, im willing to do it for $20 all the way (Or best offer). But if you want to learn on your own, there are texture templates you can find where you can put in the camo and it automatically conforms to the template.
  3. no sense has been made here... how do you accidentaly ddos yourself, only way i can think is by unknowingly imputing your own ip
  4. Could you please add screenshots or a discord/teamspeak, make the website more prominent so we can see it, and organize it a bit more.
  5. When is it expected? (month? day?)
  6. Yes please, mine is big too, along with like 4 other spoons that want to destroy your server @Elkoy.
  7. WTF ya that actually sounds like him. Hes a fucking nightmare
  8. oh ok, i just have bad history with him and apparently so do a few people above^^^
  9. im not sure if your being sarcastic or not?
  10. I agree, he came onto ours when it was dying, so we didnt care cuz ours was dying anyway. So i went and showed him some work and he made me his GD. From then on I was creating a few projects for him, the dev we had on our server became his dev, and we worked hard for his server, he never gave us any staff perms or anything cuz we were "dev team" and that "dev team" wasnt apart of staff at all even tho we were content creators for him, he still treated us like we were slaves. I also am going to take credit for the skins i did for him such as, the Fake Taxi skin for the SUV, the white Anvil stri
  11. I was his fucking graphic dev and he banned me because i didnt agree with him banning all of my friends because we stood up for someone the he was persecuting.
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