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  1. Looks great, nice UI & Design skills
  2. Usally a database issue, i.e. not connecting to the server. Try: Check that the connection details in the extdb-conf.ini file are correct Check that the DatabaseName in description.ext is correct: DatabaseName = "databaseName"; //Config name that'll be grep in the extdb-conf.ini. Default: [altislife] Check that Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) is installed. Check that tbbmalloc.dll is unblocked and is in the same folder as arma3server.exe (Windows): The tbbmalloc.dll fil
  3. Hiya people, i will be putting together an update for this post soon due to some of the commands no longer working. If you have any suggestions just hmu and ask .
  4. If you have a TS3 server i'd be glad to help regarding textures and cfgs via FTP.
  5. The majority of the code is from the ArmA wiki that can be useful to Altis life admins: Execute all code in the debug menu. Please fell free to post any in the comments below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . Adds 100000 to in game cash life_atmcash = 100000; Adds Godmode to player player allowDamage false; . Destroys object in front of cross hair cursortarget setdamage 1 .Change Vehicle texture in game with Cursor Target: cursorTarget setObjectTextu
  6. Good antihack but, The admin tools can be very abusive to new server owners that don't know how to the restrict the functionally of the tool.
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