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  1. how do i make it so only civilians see the market menu when they open the Y-Menu?
  2. Welcome to ArmaRoleplay WEBSITE https://www.armaroleplay.net/ SERVER IP Who are we? ArmaRoleplay is a new Altis life server that has been Heavily customised. We are a new community hoping to take off in the near future with our Arma 3 Servers. Altis life is currently our first server and i am planing on bringing out many more in the future. Some of our Features Exp System with perk upgrades Shipwreck missions Gang capturable Areas Capturable Drug Dealers (Tax other player's) Casino & Slot machines Advanced Rebel Training New resources Added Bounty Hunter Auction Items, Cars & Housing in-game In game Customisation's West coast Customs (Pimp your Ride) Custom vehicle & Clothing Textures Auto Trader (Sell vehicles to other Players) Highways Maintenance (Job) + Many More! Why should you join? Because why not? If i could get it back to how it used to be on the old server then you'll love it with the support of the current community we could make this server quite big (Hopefully) Would you like to help with the Development of this server? So as i am currently the only one Developing the server atm i would like to bring another person onboard preferably skilled to help me out and be rewarded for it and also become one o the staff members on the server. If you are interested please message me on the ArmaRoleplay website Thank you.
  3. Sorry if this has been put up somewhere but i couldn't find one and i had Seen a couple of post about people asking how to do this so thought if put a complete guide up as i couldn't find one and took me a while to find the correct placement for the lights so thought i'd share. Files you'll be Editing Core\Cop\fn_copLights.sqf Core\Cop\fn_sirenLights.sqf Core\Functions\fn_keyHandler.sqf STEP 1 Open up fn_copLights.sqf Add this to your type of vehicles list case "B_GEN_Van_02_vehicle_F": { [[-0.5, 1.6, 1.45], [0.5, 1.6, 1.45]]; }; case "B_GEN_Van_02_transport_F": { [[-0.5, 1.6, 1.45], [0.5, 1.6, 1.45]]; }; I Used B_GEN_Van_02_vehicle_F & B_GEN_Van_02_transport_F as they have the beacons on the vehicles to make it look better (Make sure it's the same as in your config_vehicle file) STEP 2 Open up fn_sirenLights.sqf Where it says "if !(typeOf _vehicle in" Add this to the list (Line 14) "B_GEN_Van_02_transport_F","B_GEN_Van_02_vehicle_F" STEP 3 Open up fn_keyHandler.sqf Go to where you turn your lights on (Default is L Key Case: 38) Add this to your type of vehicles list "B_GEN_Van_02_transport_F","B_GEN_Van_02_vehicle_F" Thats it! To add it to the medic side just do the same and go into the medic folder and edit fn_medicLights.sqf and fn_medicSirenLights.sqf Thanks.
  4. Could use a bit of advise, im trying to add a image to a trigger, so when someone walks into it, it will show the image and text thanks
  5. Well i had a player just finishing a coke run and he went to deposit around 250k and it kicked him multiple times saying "Publicvariable restriction #0"
  6. Here it is [BK] Domaren ( 783531c388ebf5b018562a45cd1a0aaf - Value Restriction #0 "PVAHR_7n6b0o2d5l" = [civ_1,"76561198090808424","CU"]
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong place or is a stupid little bug that is easy to fix, I'm new to hosting an altis life server and i have an issue i am unsure of how to amend it. When a player goes to deposit a large amount of money they would get kicked from the server with "PublicVariable Restriction #0" I read up it's something to do with the battleeye filters but i am unsure on how to fix this, if anyone could help me be greatly appreciated
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