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  1. Hello thanks for the response, this does allow me to put the tank in the garage, but it won't take it out. I have been searching pretty hard for the other spot. Would you know where I need to change the script to be able to fetch the vehicle? It's not in any spot I can find anywhere. thanks for the help in advance
  2. I have been playing arma for a long time. I like life servers, but find them lacking in the firepower department. I have added lots of firepower. Looking for people who respect the game and want to play fair. I won't tolerate people who don't play the game fair. And if you wanna be a cop, well I won't put up with bullies who arrest everybody. I don't mind bandits, but if they are just taking every new player and trashing them, they won't be tolerated either. If you wanna build a proper community, I will vet people before giving the password. Let me know if you are interested!!!
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