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  1. After a few unexpected issues we finally open TOMORROW 7 May 2018!! Come join us for great RP!
  2. Yes same people, correct. Previous post the Dev made the server his playground. So I got some people together for this new server, the logo was used on an arma community I ran about a year ago before I left for the Military. Liberty Roleplay was the community that used this logo. Thanks for the kind words..
  3. Welcome to Notorious Roleplay, we are a serious roleplay server that has a custom framework and map with many new and advanced features. A Community focused Server. We want your ideas to help better our Roleplay Experience! Join before Wednesday 25 April and become White listed! No app or Interview Required! Server to Open Friday 27 April with FREE In-Game Giveaways! We use a big version of Erie County that has around 12 to 14 islands varying from large to private islands. A NEW Feature to hit Life Servers - The Northern island is no longer legal territory! Its part of a different country, where drug and gun smuggling are an all too popular source of in-come of criminals from Erie County. Be sure to watch out for Aviation and Marine Unit Checkpoints run by Erie County Sheriffs Deputies! We are a white listed server in efforts of keeping roleplay at its highest capacity possible! We are looking to HIRE the following EMS - Fire - Sheriff Deputies - DOJ Employees - Government Workers - and In-Game Staff! The framework we use has features such as Create your character how you want from details such as birth dates to your name and residence We also give you a starter car and funding ($25,000. Enough to get you started off) Every job is done through civilians, if you want to sign on as a sheriff (whitelisted) for example you just go to the station and sign in and begin your patrol, same with EMS and Fire. Modded houses buyable and fully customizable. Furniture (fully working and lots of it including sofas, pc, tv, tables, chairs, lockers, outside furniture). Phone (Make Calls, Texts, Add people to your contacts, job market (more on that in a bit), GPS, News, and Online Banking). North Illegal Island - Run by Gang Families and is not patrolled by any Law Enforcement! Framework Provided By Ben Harris! Jobs system (Apply for jobs through your phone, current jobs include - Taxi (Set your fair, driver people to their wanted location, the meter will tell you how much they owe) Truck Driver (deliver trailers around the map to random locations) Bank Teller (Work within the banks of Erie County and give out loans, do bank transactions) Security Worker (Protect certain businesses or people) News Reporter (Create thrilling news stories that everyone can read) Tow Truck Driver (Be the person to clean up the streets and also get the contract from the Sheriff's office to come and take the car to the impound lot). Mining (Grab a pickaxe and start mining for Gold, Iron, Copper, Coal, Diamonds, or steel). Farming (Ever wanted to be a farmer and grow crops and sell them to people well now you can, Plant wheat, Bean, Corn, and Cotton seeds and watch the plants grow before your eyes and then go and sell them to the people of Erie County). Hunter/ Fisherman (We have a wide range of animal hunting you can do within PBR, from fishing to deer hunting and more animals to come. Get a license and hunt away). In-Game Business Menu to Create your very own Business! In-Game Gang Family Menu to Create your very own Family Gang! More Coming Soon Now who could forget the illegal systems within Arma 3 Life Remastered We have great drug system at the moment being worked on, we currently have Weed where you buy the seeds, plant them and watch them grow until you can harvest them and sell (The best thing is that there is no set locations to do the drugs you can do them anywhere on the map. In your home, on an open field, if you were really up for a challenge you could technically do it inside the lobby of the sheriff station. For the Drug system, there are more drugs currently but they can only be found in the shipwrecks (we are working on making them also grow able drugs and should be done in the next week or so) Hard Bank Robberies (Go the hardware store, buy a drill and bust into the security and vault doors to steal the money inside the vault). In the future, we plan to add ways that you can disable the alarms or at least delay the alarm. Shipwrecks - Find all sorts of hidden treasures under the ocean from materials to drugs and weapons North Illegal Island - Purchase all your gun, and drug items for CHEAP! Smuggle them back into Erie County for the highest profits! But don't get caught! Be sure to watch out for the gang families who run parts of the illegal island! We are looking to HIRE the following EMS - Fire - Sheriff Deputies - DOJ Employees - Government Workers - and In-Game Staff! Departments within our server: Sheriff’s Department: New Restraining animations Escorting Animations MDT - Sheriff Computer (Check Names, License plates, add warrants, Corrections Database, Threat Levels) Custom Reds Vehicles with amazing light bar effects Locker Systems to store all your civilian gear while on Duty Hand Cuffs Leg Shackles - Stop civilians from being able to run but can walk with you while restrained In-vehicle Computer movement (Open and Closed laptop, Swivel laptop) Marine and Aviation Units to enforce Air and Sea borders from the Illegal Northern Island! EMS & Fire Department: Healing systems Reds vehicles with good lighting effects Random spawning fires Stretchers Working Ladder Trucks Soon to come - Fire Hoses, axes to break down doors, more complex fire system (buildings) DOJ: Courthouses with holding cells AD - In need of a new Chief Justice (experience and dedication needed) Government: Mayor Able to Change laws Taxes Hire Security Elections to be held soon! Start Running Today! We are looking to HIRE the following EMS - Fire - Sheriff Deputies - DOJ Employees - Government Workers - and In-Game Staff! I think you would agree when I say we have a lot of features and we are only just released Public Alpha. We plan to keep growing and adding and we want you to be a part of Arma 3 Life Remastered to have fun and to create a place that hard-core RP can thrive. If you are interested in Hard-core RP and are looking for a fun place to Roleplay come and try out Arma 3 Life Remastered we have a lot to offer and a lot to build on. Website - http://www.notoriousroleplay.com/ Join before Wednesday 25 April and automatically get white listed! No app or Interview Required! TeamSpeak3 - Screenshots Here - https://imgur.com/a/Pkrfk
  4. To get input from our current members absolutely, as testimonials. So people can see LOOK people who play there like it. I want to play there
  5. Or we said hey, if you enjoy the server and wanna help recruit. This is a current post we have, post anything you like But we can be penalized for trying to promote our server. None of these members are FORCED to post
  6. We can't have people say hey this is a good server! come check it out? Ya know, give people looking some real player insight? Because if they didnt like it why play there? But instead we just dont allow comments so people really dont know how it is.
  8. Check out Liberty Roleplay and speak with Jason Sigma he may be able to help you out! We are looking for folks for our server that is opening soon! Join TS - ts3.libertyrp.org and our website - http://libertyrp.hollowsdivide.com I will also add you on steam!
  9. Polizer

    Uniform Work

    Hello everyone! I am looking for someone to assist in making some really great Sheriff skins for my department! Any interested parties please let me know! Compensation available! Thanks, Polizer
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