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  1. That is another way of doing I imaging, I guess its upto the user whoever uses it haha
  2. Ok, thanks, If you can come up with something that doesn't involve spamming other communitys, I'd love to see it
  3. Ok? Nobody is asking you to use it though... No need to be so hostile, I take it your still salty cause I didn't do player stats for you?
  4. A nifty little feature, to get your server advertised just from this little piece of code. Goto: MISSION/core/init.sqf At the bottom somewhere, add the following [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 600; sleep (random 30); if !(profileNameSteam find "www.WEBSITENAME.com" isEqualTo -1) then {BANK = BANK + 5000; systemChat "You received $5000 for having www.WEBSITENAME.com in your steam name"} else {systemChat "You missed out on $5000, you could get it if you have www.WEBSITENAME.com in your steam name!"}; }; }; This checks the players steamname, if the player has www.WEBSITENAME.com in their name it gives them 5k every so often. Obviously change the website name to whatever you want it to be, and make sure to change the amount.
  5. Add me on discord please, Drunken Cheetah#3416 with a list of features you need/want.
  6. If someone else gave it to you, than its not a legitimate version of "5.5" cause that doesn't exist yet! Its just a modified version of 5.0
  7. The github version is 4.4r4, the master branch is 5.0 .. In 5.0 the body disappearing issue was fixed.
  8. RIP. Didn't even see the post date, just replied cause the guy above me did haha
  9. Should probably fix your website before trying to run a game server.
  10. The way he has setup his "crash server" script, is the server needs to have 10+ players on it for it to act. Its more an anti theft script in all his assets etc. As for the death problem, I never experienced that, so I am unable to help you there.
  11. Just for the record, unless you paid PKE for them Metropolis V2 files, addons etc.. You are gonna have some maaaajor issues. Corrupt server files etc. I brought them from PKE himself, and he forgot to tell me all about his secrets embedded in the addons.
  12. Link me to the airdrop script you are using, and also post the entire script where you're trying to call the airdrop, Thanks
  13. life_fnc_MP is part of an older framework, not 5.0
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