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  1. class CfgDisabledCommands There is your answer, shows what it does.
  2. core\init.sqf { _x params [["_chan",-1,[0]], ["_noText","false",[""]], ["_noVoice","false",[""]]]; _noText = [false,true] select ((["false","true"] find toLower _noText) max 0); _noVoice = [false,true] select ((["false","true"] find toLower _noVoice) max 0); _chan enableChannel [!_noText, !_noVoice]; } forEach getArray (missionConfigFile >> "disableChannels");
  3. You are missing the following addition to core\init.sqf which is needed to stop the channel re-enabling itself upon rejoin
  4. omg lol, did you really ask that? You are on the threat with a working cop crush script
  5. Just chuck around a bunch of variables and cast them into a spell
  6. Sorry to say but i have had a look on Innovation RP and everything they show off as theirs are from these Forums. Please look for a developer who knows what he is doing, all he does is, (CTRL + C && CTRL + V).
  7. Which one, there is a number of them?
  8. Something that will piss me off yeah, is that he will have 30 people a day no matter how shite his server is.
  9. Indented and explained so bad, are you able to fix it up a bit?
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