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  1. BTW I know most of you may find this useless as you may already know how to do it, but there are newbies who don't, I am sure all of you were new once. The reason why I made this tutorial was that someone requested it.
  2. No problem, I hope you found it easy to understand!
  3. Worked perfectly fine for me! @[IL] KingCrazyHunter Is there any chance I would be allowed to make this into a video tutorial with some improved stuff?
  4. @Tobias55 I like the cinematic video, but there are few grammar errors and spelling mistakes, these give off a bad impression that the video was rushed. Spelling mistake 1, at 1:23 it says "Become a police officer at our costom police stations", it should say "Become a police officer at our custom police stations", I would recommend though for it to be "Join our police force and be part of our custom police stations!" Spelling mistake 2, at 2:09 it says "And, of course, rebel aginst Malden and the people at the rebel outposts", it should say "And, of course, rebel against Malden and
  5. Thank you for sticking up for me! Also I know it is simple copy and paste but for people starting they may not know that.
  6. Thank you for your reply, I will be sure to fix all the problems, the reason why the rebel game play sucks at the moment is because I haven't really touched on that yet, nevertheless, thanks for the feedback!
  7. Yeah, I have just revamped the map and made all the town square invulnerable, thanks for your reply!
  8. what do you mean by box? do you mean a server box?
  9. Thank you for your reply, do you mind telling me why you think this?
  10. The public cops and 5 mil start is only for the beta testing so that everyone can check out all the features... Anyway thank you for you feedback.
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