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  1. Hello, the server is now in Alpha and we are now slowly working on making the map better and adding trains and then moving towards adding more of our custom flair to this server. The trains tracks are not final placements and we know some of them look bad
  2. Hello everyone For a university project in PICAR, my team is conducting research in the types of reality in video games, AR vs VR and if there is any preference with gender and a type of reality. As part of this research, we are doing a quick online google survey and would love people to fill it in. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScuneyNkMMkY0ej-vM16tx8G0s6sEj6ZUmUZGB9UpsL7nEJGA/viewform?usp=sf_link
  3. ---Can a Moderator Can delete this reply , please ---
  4. Hello, just an update as its needed Armalisum has merged with Project Florida, I still own the server and its ideas are going to remain the same. I have an advertisement coming out soon we are just making sure we are ready for players.
  5. ---- Bowden Island is broken and we are moving to Florida Keys.
  6. What is Project Florida? Project Florida is an attempt to bring back roleplay to how it used to be, where you could get on a server and actually tell a story without getting banned for roleplay, we fully encourage all types of roleplay on this server and try to give you the tools to achieve the roleplay you want. We are a community server that is aiming to bring back the community in roleplay, we are willing to give people chances in positions with term limits and making sure that people don't get a position just because they knew the owner. Roleplay has gone downhill recently but this ser
  7. So I was listening to a live stream and I heard someone say they had to delete data on a survey they conducted due to GDPR. I was wondering to any British server owners how this effects Arma 3 servers, I am going to place disclaimers about people using their real names and this is a game. I don't know full details of the law and im not a law buff by any means but does this mean for stuff like applications even if its a character people have to agree to the data being processed and publication. My current plan is to do a private small sized community but due to rosters and such their name
  8. I moved to millsim for awhile but I always enjoyed RP, It's going to sound weird but another issue I have found is a server being to big and no longer community focused, the one thing that makes a good server is having a solid dedicated player base who actually want to roleplay to a level you set, while there is off course scripts and add-ons that can increase what you can do in roleplay its up to the admins and player base to make the roleplay good, I have seen many server die because of bad roleplay but really fun missions.
  9. Personally, as much as I love roleplay it can only go so realistic before it gets boring, I think hardcore roleplay is quite enough serious roleplay, while scripts can make a server more enjoyable to play on at the end of it to have a good server you need to have a good roleplay standard otherwise all these custom scripts go nowhere. I think the next step would be to actually reduce the amount of "custom" content a server has and try and focus on new roleplay stories, for example try and introduce events like a volcano eruption and have people try and live it out and recover
  10. The Corner Wookie


    Because its an Arma 3 object included in the game people can add it into a default mission without the need of mods used to edit the mission. This redit post : https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/4ws0ro/does_anyone_know_how_to_create_roads_or_paths/ Recommends https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=557183401 The last edit of compot was 2 years ago so make backups As a way to edit in roads and buildings, another user also said x-cam. "The only disadvantage is roads and buildings you place won't be shown"
  11. Ok so this is what I have right now in the NPC, the start is a copy and paste from the iron license that I changed to bountyH the name of the license, next is all the same stuff, disclaimer this wont show that acceptance message but it will fix your database issues. @Deadlesszombie would this be ok for people who don't really want that acceptance message ? it worked for me and it removes the license from the scroll wheel list as soon as you have brought it this addAction[format ["%1 ($%2)",localize (getText(missionConfigFile >> "Licenses" >> "bountyH" >> "displayName")),
  12. @FPSBrazil I am having the same issue and looking at the code when you buy the licences it doesn't actually give the license to the player hence why it is not updating to the database. I am about to post a fix if it worked just testing it now
  13. Tazer is working on the server in zues mission not on the altis framework. What do you mean by server? And I'll add client logs tommrow the post
  14. First tazers will not work, no matter what we have tried they work on the server just not the mission file. fn_handleDamage.SQF params [ ["_unit",objNull,[objNull]], ["_part","",[""]], ["_damage",0,[0]], ["_source",objNull,[objNull]], ["_projectile","",[""]], ["_index",0,[0]] ]; //Handle the tazer first (Top-Priority). if (!isNull _source) then { if (_source != _unit) then { if (currentMagazine _source in ["CSW_Taser_Probe_Mag","26_cartridge","CSW_M870_8Rnd_stun"] && currentWeapon in ["CSW_M870","CSW_M26C","Taser_26",]) then { //attention
  15. Jenny ive saw about 4 females play life, 2 of which I investigated while in IA and found them to be both corrupt more than some of the males. I think I played a server where there was a female captain but I cant remember what happened to her.
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