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  1. Hello, the server is now in Alpha and we are now slowly working on making the map better and adding trains and then moving towards adding more of our custom flair to this server. The trains tracks are not final placements and we know some of them look bad
  2. Hello everyone For a university project in PICAR, my team is conducting research in the types of reality in video games, AR vs VR and if there is any preference with gender and a type of reality. As part of this research, we are doing a quick online google survey and would love people to fill it in. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScuneyNkMMkY0ej-vM16tx8G0s6sEj6ZUmUZGB9UpsL7nEJGA/viewform?usp=sf_link
  3. ---Can a Moderator Can delete this reply , please ---
  4. Hello, just an update as its needed Armalisum has merged with Project Florida, I still own the server and its ideas are going to remain the same. I have an advertisement coming out soon we are just making sure we are ready for players.
  5. ---- Bowden Island is broken and we are moving to Florida Keys.
  6. What is Project Florida? Project Florida is an attempt to bring back roleplay to how it used to be, where you could get on a server and actually tell a story without getting banned for roleplay, we fully encourage all types of roleplay on this server and try to give you the tools to achieve the roleplay you want. We are a community server that is aiming to bring back the community in roleplay, we are willing to give people chances in positions with term limits and making sure that people don't get a position just because they knew the owner. Roleplay has gone downhill recently but this server aims to bring it back at a realistic level but still make it playable for your experience. Project Florida is one of the only servers to attempt a term limit system with command level positions meaning that no person can hold a rank of LT + for more than 2 months. We also have plans to make more stages of the roleplay more realistic so from gathering to the traders you feel immersed. This is a huge tasking from us and it can not happen overnight but we want to get the word out now as the server is a good state for players to join and see what we are about. I miss the times of roleplay when a kid could come on and tell a story. We are no means the best server in the world but we are attempting to bring back roleplay to you the player at a community level on a unique map with new play styles and scripts to improve your experience. We Are Using Florida Keys a 20x20 map area most of which is covered by water. Our server, Project Florida is the first A3L server to use this map for Rp, we have worked on the map adding special touches to make it more suitable for roleplayers we have done a lot to make this map work as this maps original intention was never meant to be used for this, but as this is so map is so beautiful we didn't want to give up, and we will try our best to keep improving and getting this server to the top, we have 50 slots and we are currently in pre-alpha moving to alpha/beta within a week or two and we want you to come to join us and give us feedback, It's In Your Hands Now. Disclaimer we are aiming to grow a realistic roleplay community but still have fun, this means we are implementing contracts and other systems slowly to improve your roleplay. We are also adding it scripts and eventually UI assets to further increase your experience Website: https://projectflorida.mistforums.com/ Server: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Teamspeak: Modpack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565438028 Please download project Florida as it has client mods in it for scripts Beginners Guide(Please Read this if you don't know how presets work): https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1uFPOvuOomUjrDrqSyrMYVl3iyK6JXIGdrRpkA9edhgg/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=103185199772586766272 Features: Economy: Our Economy is in development and until there are players constantly we can not see how “realistic” our economy is I have used spreadsheets with formulas to figure out prices https://gyazo.com/aa671ebcbf1c7186a0e3f09420c14e56 Civ Multiple laws to follow/break 101 Current laws for law enforcement to enforce Call and Drive a taxi Grow Plants Mine deadly uranium Interact with people Take/Drive the bus Create a company https://projectflorida.mistforums.com/category/creation-zone-572996 Break the law Buy a beautiful property on the island Realistic economy Hardcore roleplay taking seriously Backend documents to help you have a better time Play as a female and have an adventure Choose a vehicle of your choice. Become a licensed hitman and get paid to kill Become a Psychopath* and leave your mark on the world Gain a drug/gun empire and sell weapons for a profit. Navigate your way through a minefield Cops Manual Jail ACE zip ties instead of cuffs Realistic law system Contracts Help the community Set up roadblocks Fight the criminals Case system Records Reports Coast Guard Stop the pirates investigate known drug areas Protect the sea life of Florida Help the police with arrests Contracts Case system Records Reports Medics Fight fires Save peoples lives with ACE Take people back to the hospital Gain control over tough situations Be the person that makes the difference in lives TO-DO list Set up both banks Add scripts Add custom UI Fix any issues Change and add more customizability to the server. Slowly roll out phase 2. All screeenshots I took when showing stuf off in the server
  7. So I was listening to a live stream and I heard someone say they had to delete data on a survey they conducted due to GDPR. I was wondering to any British server owners how this effects Arma 3 servers, I am going to place disclaimers about people using their real names and this is a game. I don't know full details of the law and im not a law buff by any means but does this mean for stuff like applications even if its a character people have to agree to the data being processed and publication. My current plan is to do a private small sized community but due to rosters and such their names would be seen by others even if its a characters name. Then I have the issue of if there characters name is their real name and they get searched up. Basicly what im asking is what protections do i need to take as a server owner who wants roleplay documents/ applications and hardcore elements such as that
  8. I moved to millsim for awhile but I always enjoyed RP, It's going to sound weird but another issue I have found is a server being to big and no longer community focused, the one thing that makes a good server is having a solid dedicated player base who actually want to roleplay to a level you set, while there is off course scripts and add-ons that can increase what you can do in roleplay its up to the admins and player base to make the roleplay good, I have seen many server die because of bad roleplay but really fun missions.
  9. Personally, as much as I love roleplay it can only go so realistic before it gets boring, I think hardcore roleplay is quite enough serious roleplay, while scripts can make a server more enjoyable to play on at the end of it to have a good server you need to have a good roleplay standard otherwise all these custom scripts go nowhere. I think the next step would be to actually reduce the amount of "custom" content a server has and try and focus on new roleplay stories, for example try and introduce events like a volcano eruption and have people try and live it out and recover
  10. For local servers, you need xampp control panel to install and run the mysql service unless you have another application that includes mysql but xampp is the one i was always recommended
  11. You have the wrong IP or port for your database. If you are using a local host set it to and make sure your port is 3306 and you have installed the mysql service using xamp If it is a dedicated server it should give you the database details there but it will be the servers ip and the port should be 3306 make sure you have the password as well. Also with some hosts like GTX they can have the database name have a number make sure that tin the extdb3 config in database = you have it to what the database is called eg. altislife1234
  12. The Corner Wookie


    Because its an Arma 3 object included in the game people can add it into a default mission without the need of mods used to edit the mission. This redit post : https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/4ws0ro/does_anyone_know_how_to_create_roads_or_paths/ Recommends https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=557183401 The last edit of compot was 2 years ago so make backups As a way to edit in roads and buildings, another user also said x-cam. "The only disadvantage is roads and buildings you place won't be shown"
  13. would that be in config processing or the unit its self
  14. So would it be able to detect a virtual item and change that virtual item into a physical one using that?
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