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  1. Scooby Leave this right now, you have no right to be involved with this. You DDOS our members and try to DDOS our server and that is uncalled for. Now go back to your own server and stop having a tantrum. Thanks, Robbie, Project Origins Staff Team
  2. Thank you very much, That is your opinion about our server and I cannot force you to do anything. May you PM me the clips though, Thanks, Robbie, Project Origins Staff Team
  3. @DIRTY DIMITRI >:) This issue is not down to my development team it is down to the team at Altis Network. This is a post to advertise my community and server. I would like you to come and check out our server and take a look around. As I said, this is not down to us or anyone from my staff team. This is their problem and it should not be discussed here. Thanks Robbie, Project Origins Staff Team
  4. I really would like you all to lay off. This is not your issue and I encourage you to leave this. I would like you to move on and concentrate on your own server and leave me to make the decisions of my own. Thank you and I wish you good luck, Robbie, Project Origins Staff Team
  5. Please stop commenting negative things in the post. This is for advertising my community so stop commenting about yours.
  6. Website - www.projectoriginsarma.com Teamspeak- ts.projectoriginsarma.com Game Server - Our community is guaranteed fun! We have many diffrent things that make our life server different from others. - We have a Court system This means that you can make partitions, and go to court. You can fight to get things legalised such as weed. Of course these can be made illegal once again. - We have Lawyers This is a licence in game that allows you to become someones eternity and fight for their freedom. This will increase roleplay and fun. - We also have Treasure hunting This requires a boat licence and some diving gear. You will have to find the treasure within a zone marked on the map. This will be underwater. - There are many functions for the police and rebels Among the normal things police get in average life servers, our police have the ability to seize items, masks, weapons, and money. Rebels can also gag people which will mute them, they may also blindfold their victim if seen necessary. Our community has infinite possibilities, we just need the help of a community. Thanks - - Project Origins Staff team
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