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  1. Hello, Does this extract from the Federal Reserve code look correct if i wanted to lock various Fence Gates and only allow them to be opened through an addAction using a virtual item life_keycard? Or is there a more efficient way of doing such a thing? I have also tried a combination of, if (!isDedicated && {playerSide == civilian}) then {this setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_1", 1, false];} with this addAction but to no avail. Thank you for any help
  2. You know how the contact DLC textures are locked away in the EBO files and we're not allowed to decrypt them to access the files? You should be able to access them by selecting the unit in the editor and right clicking Config Viewer and then finding the texture file, apparently theres a way to then display that texture on the GUI editor, save it and then create my own textures using that as a template?
  3. Hello, I have these texture paths from the config viewer: U_O_R_Gorka_01_camo_F and clothing_co.paa and i can;t find a way to actually display the texture in a way that i can save it and modify it. I think the way to do it is by porting it to GUI editor but i am unsure how to do that aswell. I have also used _textures = getObjectTextures player; but to no avail Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. Hello, i have attempted to create something that makes a drug field, for example, have a 25% chance to give you 1 of 4 different drugs but I scrapped it because it wasn't working. I saw something similar a week ago but i can;t remember where and the website isnt in my browser history. I'm hoping someone here might have this website saved or might have the actual code from it saved and if they could send it to me or pop it here so everyone else can use it But anyways im using 5.0 with the standard config files. Thank you in advance!
  5. Once you press a button on a dialog it will play a sound like a siren. Ill DM you the script if you want
  6. Scripting command 'say3d' is not allowed to be remotely executed [vehicle player,"clearStreets"] remoteexeccall ["say3D",0]; Would i change to this [vehicle player,"clearStreets"] remoteexeccall ["life_fnc_say3D",0];
  7. Many other weapons use the same 7.62 magazine. So i was hoping to have this item set at a low price compared to another shop as it supposed to be a "single bullet" instead of the 20 round magazine
  8. It works to a certain extent but I cant explain it nor can i formulate the sentence I have in my head, and i know that doesnt help you in the slightest 😅
  9. Hello m80s I cannot for the life of me figure a way of: When some cool man buys an M14 7.62 20rnd magazine, for example. It only has 1 bullet. So if he bought 12 magazines he would have 12 magazines with 1 single bullet in each or the cool man would have to reload after each single round fired. I know of this init.sqf script And the addMagazine. But i just cant figure out how to apply this to a single weapon in Altis Life. Any help would make me creamy in a non sexual way Thank you in advance ❤️
  10. I'd say for a start fix this error As this has prevented my own missions from starting before. And i would also ask RIBSOSAY about any other errors you have with this as I see this is one of his own
  11. I was using this for single gates: this addAction ["<t color='#0caa41'>OpenGate</t>", {tmp1 animate ["Door_1_move", 1]}, nil, 1, false, true]; this addAction ["<t color='#ff0000'>Close Gate</t> ", {tmp1 animate ["Door_1_move", 0]}, nil, 1, false, true]; But i want to get all four gates into the one action. 😉
  12. Hello, yourbargatename animate ["Door_1_rot", 1] //this open the bargate This is for opening the Bargate along with addAction and an infostand or whatever, and i am curious if it is possible to link multiple gates together like so: gate1 gate2 gate3 gate4 animate ["Door_1_rot", 1] //this open the bargate So that they all open from the one action on the object (Infostand) for example: "Open Gates" > When clicked all 4 gates open together. I have tried a couple of methods and none have worked, if anyone can provide some assistance I would greatly appreciate it ❤️
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