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  1. Evo Logo made by @LastNickLeft Have New Owners We are a fresh Arma 3 Life community with multiple cutting-edge scripts, bursting with content mods, and a mature and responsible Staff team. We currently have a solid player base that is very active. Roleplay, and are experienced with playing on a life server. We welcome anyone to join our Police Force! We are currently looking for new patrol officers to join the ranks of the LSPD. We also welcome anyone to join our Medical Force, We are currently looking for more EMT Personnel. Addons & Customizations + Weapons + Police Car Skins +Improved FPS +custom Lakeside +Task Force Radio + Multiple Exotice Cars to include Ferraris, Lamborghini's, Porsche's, and many more! + Custom County Jail, Federal Penitentiary, and Police Headquarters, Custom Court House! So come check us out at Coming soon and feel free to register and begin the Arma 3 Life Roleplay Experience! Our Teamspeak is if you have any issues! Regards, Evolution Roleplay Staff
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