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  1. Thanks everyone, @Rasmus I agree with what you said, some parts definitely went too long. I will release another video soon.
  2. Elysium Entertainment is bringing back the good days, with gameplay-enhancing scripts, amazing textures and a nostalgic map, the old days are back. Please watch the video above to see a clip into our server. Please note that the server is not released yet but we will have information on that soon. If you have any questions it would be best to post them on our forums. Elysium Entertainment Special thanks: Armycat Smelly Turtle Jason_000 Carperino and many others.
  3. just put a space between the last line on the init of the npc and paste that.
  4. Ok, I can proccess and mine but the shop still dont work.
  5. How can you access the plutonium and mine it? wont let me. Ive added ur fixes tho
  6. Lol I renamed my stuff to Plutonium too. Everything. Strings, items, everything.
  7. Yeah but why cant I access or mine anything??
  8. Thats odd because all of the code is the same for the other shops too from what I can see but I cant mine sell nor proccess
  9. I... think so? I downloaded the latest like a week ago
  10. Ok, but even if I have the license I cant proccess mine, or even open the shop menu.
  11. Ok, well I added it and I cant access the shop (no scroll wheel) cant mine and I can buy license but wont let me process if I had it.
  12. Wait, how do I make a "zone" so if you are not in it you cant do it
  13. Hello! And thanks for checking out Elysium Entertainment's server advertisement! Server Information: IP: PORT: 2302 (default) Teamspeak Information: IP: to be created Website Information: elysium-entertainment.ca We are a new up and coming Tanoa Life server and are still developing, however we decided to open up our server to the public as it is in a fun play-able state. We are a canadian-hosted Tanoa Life server with a ton of features on the way, and are looking for new players. Here listed are our features: Active Staff Members Custom Scripts (more coming) $3,000 start cash (economy is balanced for this) Buy-able Houses Radio Active material mining (not currently in) White listed ONLY Police (contact us on ts to apply until we have our application, this is done to prevent chaos) Custom Textures Custom Spawn Locations (more convenient) Shipwreck-diving! (not currently in) Realistic vehicle spawn locations (cars spawn in parking slots, planes spawn aligned on taxiway heli's spawn on helipad) Beautiful Tanoa Map (perfect for life servers!) Custom Shops Rob-able Gas Stations 24/7 Server Hosting \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ And much, much more coming! We already have some regular players and are looking for more. We are open to suggestions (contact us on ts) and will soon have our forums completed and ready for use.
  14. I did that nothing changed although I was able to execute commands when doing the benchmark command thing
  15. Where would I do that? I can login as admin and open the console.
  16. atm cash, both for 4.4 and whatever the other one was, the weapon add thing, none work.
  17. Why are none of these commands working for me?
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