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  1. Any one got a SQF encrypter and decrypter as both SQF.io & https://simplicity-studios.ml/sqf/ are down and not working. github or anything?
  2. Hello mate, welcome! Hope you enjoy your 3 day stay at Altis Marriot.
  3. So I was chilling in class on AltisLifeRPG, just about 15 minutes ago I hear the most jerky teacher walk in the class room. KEEP IN MIND, IM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ON THIS WEBSITE AND IM DOING THIS INSTEAD OF WORK.. She looks over at me, I was scared to death she was my computer, I have ear buds in so I didn't hear the door.. Thank god, she looked away and talked to the teacher in the classroom. #PrayForRodsSuspension
  4. 5 can be improved. That's a start, I believe it's getting somewhere. I'd be glad to help with your community if you want it
  5. Do you guys have a consistent somewhat decent player base?
  6. When you get excited to join a new life server but then you realize its Danish.
  7. Beautiful release, defiantly could be taken into a life mod and customization.
  8. Welcome to the community good sir! Hope you enjoy your stay. Just leave your credit card details and social security.
  9. I use to do that too and people wanted to lynch me..
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