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  1. Delexical

    advise needed

    Checkout fn_playerSkins.sqf in core\functions.
  2. Missing a Semicolon btw.
  3. Delexical

    Airdrop Mission V2.1

    You did something wrong, do it again. Kappa
  4. x d It didn't work because you put it at the end by the way, You're kind of meant to place it before it opens the trunk. Exiting the script with a hint with the trunk open doesn't really solve your issue. But atleast you've got what you wanted now.
  5. Didn't even thank me? FeelsBadMan
  6. if (vehicle player != player) exitwith {hint "You can't do this while inside a vehicle.";}; This literally took my less than 10 seconds to write. Figure out where you put it in core\vehicle\fn_openInventory.sqf I'm at school and I just tested it so I know it works.
  7. Why do you ask how to do everything? You aren't going to learn this way.
  8. Delexical

    Have a laugh with InifiStar!

    ur mom infistar
  9. Delexical

    Interested in helping?

    I said it because he said not to say anything about it.
  10. Delexical

    [Needs Fixing] In-Game Rank Promoter

    I was just suggesting a way that others can update rank in real time. Do it yourself, handouts are pathetic. Cx
  11. Delexical

    New Arma Life - Complete Server Release

    No means no but I'll yoink it.
  12. Delexical

    Interested in helping?

    4.0 Why?
  13. Delexical

    [Needs Fixing] In-Game Rank Promoter

    I'm just changing the cop system to use licenses. I've made a whitelisting panel for licenses. Instead of having them back out into the lobby it's realtime.
  14. Delexical

    Need UK Clothing and Vehicle Textures

    The nerd @Frank should get a fat donk on. @Deadlesszombie