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  1. Delexical

    [IRT STUDIOS] Custom Work - Sexuality Decider

    hello i has big problem the thing does the thing and the thing but i can access the thing from anywhere in the world i put ' but it no work
  2. Delexical

    Hi from France !

    Only 6,000 hours? I'm at 8,422 hours.
  3. Delexical

    ArmA 3 Project Life Unwhitelisted - Australian Community

    Citizen Reborn is gonna be better. Kappa
  4. Delexical

    Better SAFEZONES

    Aw yeah, nice. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that this is wrong. Where's the colon?
  5. Delexical

    ArmA 3 Project Life Unwhitelisted - Australian Community

    Dear god, Varius Benson is starting another server. Everyone run. Lmfao, still can't spell. WHISTLISTED
  6. Delexical

    [IRT STUDIOS] Custom Work - Sexuality Decider

    DansGame Omegalul
  7. Delexical

    [TUTORIAL] FPS Boost - Enable / Disable Environmental Sounds

    FeelsBadMan Lost in the rift.
  8. Delexical

    [Tutorial] Patdown Player + Seize Objects

    Well then you did it wrong.
  9. Delexical

    [DK/EU] Altis Life #1 | TheOlddogsRP.com - Ts.TheOlddogsRP.com

    Plus one on that one, most of this stuff is just from the forums or purchased. Dialog you just posted looks alright though.
  10. Delexical

    [TUTORIAL] Material 3D Clothing Store UI

    > code Nibba you couldn't even write an if statement a week ago.