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  1. Delexical

    [Tutorial] SafeZone Warning & Actions

    > it does not go RPT?
  2. Delexical

    Best way to learn SQF

    Official Arma Discord and Arma Life Discord.
  3. Delexical

    Best way to learn SQF

    Osmosis is the movement of water or other solvent through a plasma membrane from a region of low solute concentration to a region of high solute concentration. Osmosis is passive transport, meaning it does not require energy to be applied. u wot
  4. Delexical

    Fast mission testing method

    That's what all the cool kids use, you're not a cool kid.
  5. Delexical

    Fix For The Gang Bank Dupe

    This fix works alot better. I mean, it depends on how you want the gang bank to work too. https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/2238-tutorial-gang-bank-exploit-fix/
  6. Delexical

    Fast mission testing method

    I bet you do.
  7. Delexical

    Fast mission testing method

    JAPM big gay. I bet ur the type of person to use TADST too.
  8. Delexical

    Fast mission testing method

    They were complaining about PBO packing taking time. I know that it doesn't need to be a PBO xd. Just saying that my server takes like 8 seconds to start up including packing the mission.
  9. Delexical

    Fast mission testing method

    Just use a .bat file to pack PBOs. EZ Clap
  10. Delexical

    Fixing Lag Switch

    I know but the way that he explained it. x d
  11. Delexical

    Fixing Lag Switch

    A lagswitch doesn't spike ping? Most lagswitches just use Windows Firewall and blocks the connection.
  12. Delexical

    Chat Emjios

    Why though.
  13. @LastNickLeft Copyright Kavala so no one can use it. POG