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  1. It is simply where you are using the old version of the framework. You need to add "widthRailWay = 4;" within the "Life_RscMapControl" in the common.hpp. This commit might explain it a bit better https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/commit/88b7e1afd94ec3caacb73e770b2cc6bc5e59486e#diff-0aca2026401e3c1970a154b49c3061b8
  2. I wouldn't recommend using this method anyway, an additional loop is not required. Instead add this to your client.fsm private _sName = "servername"; private _amount = 10000; if ([_sName, profileNameSteam, false] call BIS_fnc_inString) then { life_atmbank = life_atmbank + _amount; systemChat format["You also received $%1 for having %2 in your name!",[_amount] call life_fnc_numberText, _sName]; } else { systemChat format["You could have received an additional $%1 for having %2 in your name!",[_amount] call life_fnc_numberText, _sName]; }; Should look like this after:
  3. What is the actual issue you have? I can't see any issues with the pastebin you have provided. Also would you be able to provide your licenses config?
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