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  1. Looking to put together a "dream team" of staff for my next project. Looking for database devs, Teamspeak Devs, structure moders. and a website admin. Any thoughts shoot me a message. As most can see ive been in this before. Just want to recruit a real team to creat a kick ass life server, Will be run on a real highend system. Anyone interested shoot me a massage.
  2. "Theres only 12 months mate " Ok well on this side of the pond we do it different ; )
  3. Well that is your opinion. No worries.. You joined 3/17 hmm you join just to comment on on this thread ? You seem to know the old server but are very new here.
  4. Hmm been a bit . I don't remember ya. The good old days were fun as hell. A lot of people reminisce. I still get steam messages all the time expressing how unique the server was. It takes a lot to run a server the right way. Gooch was a very good server owner. One of the very few that actually possessed integrity. I have been playing with mods and mostly as a hobby started creating new awesome map designs. At the end of the day Altis is a older map that doesn't have a draw. There are no good life maps (free to use) that will draw a population. Then there's the almost impossible task of surrounding yourself with people that can actually help you "carry the water.". by some miracle if you get all that together and actually start to draw a population there seems to be an army of trolls who's pure mission is to bring your server down because you're pulling population from theirs. So in short ahhhh ya ATM nothing to look forward to. Regrettably Sidewinder
  5. Server is under construction atm. Adding a bunch of cool mods...be back up asap
  6. Join our teamspeak alphaomegagaming.typefrag.com Il help you.
  7. We are currently in the process of modding the server. We are looking for additional staff/mod devs to help with this project. Please join our ts or message me here if interested. Thanks Sidewinder
  8. If you need some help my ts is at the top of this thread.. I'm on late nights and during the day on Fri sat.
  9. Starting to mod some textures, any thoughts skins any thoughts ??
  10. I dont "JUST GIVE" my skins away but if you have one or two things ya struggling with i can help. I dont mind doing a skin or two for ya but I have gotten alot of requests to design a whole fleet of vehicles for peeps. I can show you how to do some of this yourself. Jump on out TS the address is at the top of the page. Regards Sidewinder AOGN
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