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  1. You DO NOT need Apex to play on any server that does not have the Tonoa map as the mission file.
  2. That would seem actually a really interesting server to play on. And I would defintly try it out, but Arma 3 Life was built to have gun roleplay in it and what you are trying to do is bring that aspect out of the scenario. Which a lot of people won't like. So most people wouldn't be like me and you, where they have to grind to get everything and that everything isn't a gun to shoot people with or to people with, but maybe just a simple car. +1
  3. Nothing is free these days, what would they be gaining?
  4. I am looking for someone to go in with on a Arma 3 Altis life server, I know how to do most of the scripting and would be able to do that. But I need someone that is able to run the server entirely and is capabile of paying a little for the server hosting. If interested please private message me on here and I will set a time that we can meet on my personal discord.
  5. One of the sketchiest download sites
  6. Good work, at first I was thinking why does someone need a gold ifirt, but then I thought why the hell not.
  7. Add some screenshots, they draw more attention to the post.
  8. Im looking to buy a new box, but I want to know what the cheapest on, for the price is.
  9. Seems like complete crap to me, sorry but its just another rdm altis life server
  10. @CuBeX Can't wait for server to be up seems like the old Tanoa Life server!
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