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  1. experince... seriously? is it that hard to keep such typos out of a few lines of code?
  2. also only works with arma3 standard vehicles or modded vehicles if they have implemented the numberplate system correctly... but there are many out there which had NOT done it right
  3. that was exactly what i thought when i read his post...
  4. and now you are selling your stuff... are you serious bro? and why the heck should people then buy your stuff instead the ones of the already finished ones? arma3... what did you become...
  5. that is similar to mavericks tool https://allianceapps.de/armacontrol on mavericks page it says Before the end of it's service, we will be announcing a new tool that's entirely self-hosted, customizable, extendable and open source. so there will be another tool which you can host yourself then (which i personally would prefer to any 3rdparty hosted stuff)
  6. i personally wouldnt use or trust a tool made from a hackerkid (douggems ebo encunter) and not having a bad feeling about it
  7. tell me more about this issue my idea was to add a check for keypress while you hold the item in your hands and then increase/decrease the rotation parameter
  8. very nice option... can you tell me what needs to be changed to rotate the barriers on keypress like Q/E?
  9. oh my... and for a second i thought you really fixed the bug which only lets you place one spikestrip at all
  10. post the complete file instead of the snippets... the thing with the cops is located in the upper section of the file somewhere
  11. ALTER TABLE `players` ADD (`adac_stats` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '"[100,100,0]"'); should work... 11 is a bit too less ^^ and 32 is standard for the other stats too
  12. in fn_queryRequest.sqf it should be [_uid,_new select 3] call TON_fnc_setPlayTime; and in fn_updateRequest.sqf case east: {_playtime_update set[3,_playtime];}; or it will count your playtime as adac to the playtime of the medics... to make this work you will need to edit your db entries a bit ALTER TABLE `players` MODIFY `playtime` varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '"[0,0,0,0]"'; UPDATE `players` SET `playtime` = replace(`playtime`, "]",",0]"); so the table gets a new layout with 4 entries instead of 3 and adds a ,0 to the existing entries and last but not least your line ALTER TABLE `players` ADD (`adac_stats` VARCHAR(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '"[100,100]"'); is also not complete it misses the health part completely change it to ALTER TABLE `players` ADD (`adac_stats` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '"[100,100,0]"');
  13. you got the same ) in the url mate https://discord.gg/4KS232W
  14. here we go in the Config_vItems.hpp we set the sellprice of the items which should be handled by dynmarket to -1 in fn_virt_sell.sqf you can see the prices are called from a variable DYNMARKET_prices in fn_vehInvSearch.sqf it checks for the sellprice of the illegal items in the Config_vItems.hpp where it should take the values of DYNMARKET_prices if its set to -1 in Config_vItems.hpp i hope you understand what i mean... if not feel free to ask i really wonder why no one else encountered this problem before or was able to locate it since the check for illegal items is the same since 4.4r2 so normally there should be lots of users with this problem around... (in earlier versions in a slight modified but same function more or less) files.zip
  15. the issue i have: the searching script checks for illegal items and if found it calculates the value if sold if > 0 then shouting out loud ILLEGAL ITEM blablabla... worth a X $ blablabla but now there is no real value in the cfg (its now -1 because its handled by the dynmarket system) so its never an illegal item the new check should be like: 1. check if its illegal 2. if true check if its handled by dynmarket (by value -1) 3. if handled by dynmarket search for the item in the dynmarket pricelist so it gets you the actual sell price 4. if not handled by dynmarket use the value from the vitem cfg 1 2 and 4 is pretty easy as its already done in these code snippets as well i dont know how to hand over the items from one check to the other in step 3
  16. hi&hello guys... im helping developing a server for some guys on 5.0 we encountered a problem with the dynmarket system now which seems noone else before has mentioned to appear... problem is as follows you have to change the sellprice in the vitem cfg for every item that should be listed in the dynmarket system to -1 when a cop searches a vehicle/container which contains illegal items it doesnt recognize them as illegal because of the value of the items (which is in this case -1 like its listed in the vitem cfg) we located the problem in this file fn_vehInvSearch.sqf so the check for the sellprice needs to be changed so it calls the actual price for the items from the dynmarket system instead of the vitem cfg any ideas how to get the actual price for the items to get rid of this issue without rewriting the whole system? Edit: i got a slight idea it can be done by combining it with this part somehow... but im not sure how to do it... i hope somehow can help me with this
  17. one does not simply press SHIT + r to ziptie someone
  18. why two buttons for one function... just check if curtarget is sitting or not and then show the right function (sit/stand) nonetheless... good job... was even thinking about to implement this soon on my own...
  19. if you would open your eyes and take a closer look you would see you are missing a ) -> ["ziptied",false])) then { which means: close every bracket you have opened in notepad++ you have a function which shows you in red color which bracket belongs to which one
  20. cant even register to take a look on your precious page because it rejects every legit mailadress i use...
  21. change fn_zip_blindfoldAction.sqf from to and in fn_zip_gagAction.sqf change this to so it checks first if the target is to be ungagged/unblindfolded before it checks if you have the items you need to gag or blindfold it otherwise
  22. [Tutorial] Jail time [4.4r3] what do you think?
  23. the standard script is only able to handle ONE on the left and right side... if you want to have two you need to re-do the whole script if (vehicle is vehicle where you want to have 2 lights on every side) then {blablabla...}; then you can add 2 lightpoints on every side...
  24. are you serious? i was not talking about the forums...
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