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  1. == Mid Week Conquest Event Tonight== We would like to invite you to our mid week contest event being held from 6pm GMT to 9pm GMT TONIGHT! (US admins might do a similar event for US as well will confirm later) Your job is to capture as many off the territory flags on the island and hold as many of them until the end of the event the gang with the most flags at the end of the event will receive $10,000,000 each! With the new economy this will certainly set you up strong for a while 👍 ==Event Rules== # During the event NO police can capture points # New Life Rule is reduced too 5 min for zone conflicts # Gangs can only be a MAX of 5 people # NO revives in event zones from EMS # Any available vehicle can be used # This is strictly a NO chop or crush event # Temp gangs can be setup and admins will be on hand too pay if need be (will also refund the perm gangs if need to be dispanded for event) # We will NOT be supplying gear # Any admins not involved will be in a Bright VR suit so there is no confusion and will not get involved if they are performing a admin duty at a time # All cash earned from your territory that you capture can be kept and split between the gang # Flag movement and tax increase is allowed during the event # Gang HQs are allowed for the event but we will NOT reimburse any funds spent on them this will be your decision too add advantage
  2. Raged Gaming would like to invite you all to come try our Altis 5.0 server This mission is still under development but we are working very hard on it everyday to add more and more content as well as balancing and fixing any pre existing issues discovered by the community on the way We are a combat RP server with some great unique combat styled game play added thanks to the territory system shown below. We have a amazing road map on the way with the server and a good helpful player base which are located not just around the EU but also the US. We would love for you to check us out if you have time or looking for something new and let us know what you think, we listen to our community and work hard in trying to add things that is suggested as work to fix any issues discovered in quick time. Our website = www.Raged-Gaming.com Our Discord = https://discord.gg/NZB6Dj5 Our Teamspeak = Server Connection = Server Name = Raged Altis Life Mods = We are a non dependent modded server Optional Mods = We allow Enhanced Movement Starting credits = $300,000 Rebel cost = $75,000 Average respectable load-out cost = $80,000 Runs = High value Vehicle Inventory = Almost triple standard 5.0 Player slots = 100 Current up-time = 3 months ==New Gang System== # Rent a temporary gang for $15,000 (Limited features) # Buy a gang for $150,000 -- Add your own tag (No need to put [] your name any more, this system will do it for you when you set it for all your members! -- Set and change HQ (You can set a Gang shared house!) -- Up gradable Gang Bases (Add shops, ATMs, Garages and more) -- Add gang rankings (Make your own ranks and permissions) -- Gang bank -- Gang tax (Tax your members) -- Custom gang descriptions -- Easy change owners, gang name and tags ==New Altis== # New Kavala # New Banks # Reworked map locations and markers # New 3D signs and markers ==Ship Wrecks (Illegal Event)== -- 1 spawns at a time -- Wrecks can spawn Gold bars + Other rare items -- Once a wreck has been found and looted a new wreck will spawn 60 seconds latter ==Paint Shop (Kavala)== -- Cash taken from your bank -- Complete RGB change ==New Conflict Territory System== # Every part of the island is split into territory's each with their own flag # Takes 5 min to capture a flag and you must be either in a gang to capture or a part of the police to neutralise # Once you capture a flag these features open up to you -- When you own a area you get a land owners wage direct to your bank every 10 min, the more land you own the bigger the wage -- Zoom out on the map too see all captured land in colour code and information on ownership -- Change taxes on shops and ATMs in your zone which you can do at 0.01% every 2 min -- Once you own the zone the flags location will be removed off the map -- You can pick up your flag and move it anywhere within the zone other then a building -- After 5 min of owning the zone has passed it is open to be captured by another gang, this will be a form of initiation and the flag will become KOS for the gangs involved -- 3D markers help you move you and your gang around the island thanks to pin pointing on the flags ==New Housing== -- Added Tanoa buildings into the housing array.. Now there are areas on the map with a built up tanoa presence, these buildings cost alot more then normal but it is rumourd some can hold as much as 8 crates and have their very own private garages ==Zip Ties, Blindfolds and Gags== -- Can be bought from rebel shop ==Debit Card System== # This one has been requested ALOT! -- Can be used for Virtual Items and Clothing Stores.. Can not be used for Vehicles and Weapons.. ==New Life Rule System== -- When you die you will now have a New Life Timer show at the bottom Right of your screen, No excuses anymore! ==New HUD== -- All new time based HUD to display all your needs ==New Taxi System== -- Get your drivers licence hit ALT + T and sign on -- Get $$ for driving your fair too their destination sent directly to your bank account -- Or press ALT + T and create a job yourself... Who needs to drive!! ==Economy== # Run Prices Increased # Weapon Prices Reduced ==Clothing== # New Clothing Items to All stores! ==Rebel Cartel Added== # THIS IS NOT A SAFE ZONE!!! # Police may attack without warning # This is a blue zone (Check rules or side of map for rules) # You do not need rebel to spawn here # Shops are marked on different levels of the compound # Robbing is allowed here.. You MUST INITIATE! # Available to spawn from the get go! No rebel licence needed ==Pay Checks== # Police increased too $70,000 # Civ increased too $40,000 # Medics increased too $90,000
  3. Might be a wild one.. In Config_SpawnPoints.hpp Have you added your map too the array? IE class Altis If not this can cause a issue like your having
  4. Hi all On another thread i discussed about people being able to contribute in regards to updating the v5.0 version of the altis life mission. Now this did get me a bit excited as i would really like to help push this and i really thought at the time it was a closed mission. So this will be the start of my contribution and i wanted to post it up here with a small set of edits to get the general gist if this would be a direction that would be of use too people. As if it is i will keep on slogging away changing all the details that i have started on the map.. If not i will go back to the drawing board. Currently the edits i have done are mainly graphical and basic interface.. Like i said i want to start small and get ideas from you guys if this is a way too go with things.. For instance i have noticed how many people now remove the Ai and replace them with signs.. Taking hours too do, which im quite prepaired to go around doing so it comes as standard. I have changed the CIV markers and made them face the correct direction ect People also ask alot of questions in regarding texture editing and putting things on boards ect, so i have included default ones in the form of Jpg too which people can change and then make .paa files out off ect... Mission SQM Changes Graphical Added - Easy To Change Info Stand Graphic (Added full paths and instructions to change) Added - Police Generic Graphic (Added full paths and instructions to change) Changed - Police Markers to West HQ Changed - House Addon in Kav HQ Removed - Junk around Kav HQ Changed - Bar Gate in Kav HQ too Concreate Wall Gate (Less chance of bar gate trolls) Added - Police HQ Signs To Front and Wall of Kav HQ Removed - Broken Wrecks From Police HQ Kav Changed - Given Kav a small makeover to remove some destroyed shops Added - Medic Generic Graphic (Added full paths and instructions to change) Added - Signs onto Kav Hospital System Changed - AI Shops too Info Stand Signs Changed - Boat Spawn marker to invisible system marker altis.Altis.pbo
  5. Ok... Look i would like to appoligise.. I think after reading back through all the comments i have in turn become one of those toxic people and in doing so also was a bit mean towards the comunity about the life file, its progression and the people behind it. To this i can only offer my appoligies. I dont want this to become a toxic war, like i said i was unhappy in the way that this was posted, yes i have merged and yes there are some questionable things in relation to some of the content on the youtube. It was just upsetting to have something like that with a comment like that without thinking not all of the team condone that. I will also like too look into the v5 mission and help out and i will do so, if my edits are accepted that would be great if not then at least i tried. I would if possible like someone to point the way to where i can post my controbutions to this. as for my attack back on the said member of the commuity yes he dose have some helpful posts mixed in with the troll ones and for that i would also like to appoligise. Im not here to create a flame war and have been a member of the forums for some time all be it a bit quite. Batman / Starworlds
  6. I did take alook at this.. i dont see much on here in the way of helping people? more like.. fix the errors.. or talking down to people asking for help first off im quite happy to release the files i have.. Im also quite happy to spend some time on the v5 and take a crack at fixing errors and certainly tidying it up a bit i would love to help on a project like this!... Thing is all that would happen is i would be laughed out of the room for even aproaching with the idea. second that video was on one of the guys youtube, had absoloutly no buisness being brought into a server advertisement... we did not post it there nor why dose it need to be posted? .. it was posted out of someone just being a dick. Do i have videos like that up? Is this my thread? Its just a shame too see that people activly need to do this sort of thing? Look im not saying ban someone.. i just think just because this is the internet and we all hide behind a mask dosnt mean you should just go trash talk someone and post things just to hurt chances of us getting players to come check us out.. and then you guys get your backs up because ive responded in kind... hmm I think if you read through when people have criticized and even trolled on this post i have been quite responsive back... but why should i sit and take something that is not any of that and just someone making a satement for no reason with a video for no reason other then to make us look bad to anyone reading down. But its no worries i will see they will never be in the wrong and the people standing up for themselves will.
  7. I give this server a month before it closes........ 👏 And this is why arma communities are so toxic.. Why be on this sort of site if your just one of those sort's of people.. go Kneck 🖕 I mean i have spent along time trying to create something good and then done something a little bit odd by joining forces and hopefully making something great.. but whats the point when people like you are about.. You have 824 posts.. is it all shit talking and puting people and servers down just so you can sit behind your lonley computer desk with no one other then digital friends laughing at people who ask for help..? how about spending some of that quality time and go fix Altis Life v5 as its a broken mess before giving other people shit because of a video on youtube.. so scummy its unreal 😂 Well at least people can see what sort of person you are as well as what sort of people this communitie allows to run unchecked. Shame
  8. We would like to say we have now merged with this server = We have done so as saw no point in fighting for the few people around involving Malden servers and we each have diffrent areas that could benifit each other.. This hopefully will allow us too focus on the comunity around and work together into building something quite amazing.
  9. @Nikos Thank you for all your input.. We have made some major updates last night, still havnt fixed lumber.. I forgot to check on it sorry... There has been a compleate rebuild of Leport and its surround area.. There is some new areas on the map to explore and new checkpoints ect We have in building wise but not coded in yet a second bank which will be launching soon as well..
  10. Funny enough... Was just coming on to say our IP has now changed... And no longer on home network IP: PORT:2302
  11. Also if anyone streams or makes videos ect please feel free too contact me as i have set a infistar menu just for you guys... Cheers all
  12. Hi Niko... Here is some information regarding your questions 1. You do not need a pickaxe on my server to do any thing, just a licence.. If you find any run where this is the case please let me know 2. I will take a look at the lumber.. This might be a zonal problem and will attempt to fix this tonight 3. Yes server restarts are being worked on atm.. i was using battle metric for this and have decided to use another program.. Although this seems not to be working correct atm once again ill fix tonight 4. Yes this is correct, Civs can rob Civs, although against the law and police will be able to hopefully help quite quick when there is a server pop.. This system has been used on other servers and creates a little more role play and fun in the zone. This can be looked at in the future and changed at any time if it becomes a issue Thanks for your questions Batman
  13. Yes some skins do need a bit of a change and work will cointinue on these as they go.. Also malden as a whole is still in development... IE when you go into the server its clearly stated as a BETA and will change as time goes on. This is a one man operation atm, although quite happy to work with other people.. Like all things with a BETA build i welcome all points that are brought across too me and dose not put me off it helps me design build and push updates to areas that need them. Batman
  14. Hi all I thought i would share a link that could be very usefull for some people.. None of the credit for the skins was myself but instead of keeping hold of the link i would really like people to use this great work... https://web.archive.org/web/20160320002641/http://altispolice.org/vehicle-textures.html
  15. I have updated in the time i had.. hope this is better
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