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    • Rozo

      Donations   09/18/2016

        We've added a donation block on the right side. All of those donation goes directly to the developer of Altis Life mod ( currently BoGuu ). None of that money is used to maintain the forum. In the future we might add a donation button to support the forum, but for now we want to encourage the developer because they went through a lot. To discuss this topic - Here
    • Shakir Darwish

      IS YOUR SERVER BROKEN SINCE 1.64 UPDATE?   09/22/2016

      If your server is broken since 1.64 go check this link thanks. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/issues/104
    • Rozo

      Sad Day   01/04/2017

      Good evening community of Altis Life RPG, Today was a sad day. We learned the hard way that one of the helper was using his status and visibility on the forum to do things i wouldn't imagine.  We were warned about this user in the beginning, we talked about his behavior and he said that they were things of the past. We were fooled.
      Unfortunately, he fooled other community members by selling stolen content and impersonating his role as a developer in another community. Here's a remember of one of the rules on our forum, No selling scripts, snippets, or services.   So if anyone come across someone who's selling his services, scripts or whatever, Report them. Especially if it's coming from an Helper, Mod, Admin. No one in the staff should ask for money, we already mention this when we reopened the forum and that rule is here to stay.

      We can't be sorry enough for what happen here, for any harm it as caused among other communities, for money that shouldn't been spent and we truly hope this doesn't happen again.

      As for the user in question, he is now banned from our forum and discord and we wish to never cross his path again.
        If there's anything we can do hit us on Discord or send a message to an admin.
      Thanks, Rozo.


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  1. Thats what the OP is wanting the tilde key to do. You look at a player 100m+/- away and hit ` and it shows you the other players name. Then you can communicate with them to engage. I really need it to work.
  2. I am using infistar also, and cant get the player names to show at distances.
  3. So after fixing some other issues, I checked the ` with some other players, and it still does not work. What other things do you guys think I could try?
  4. Well not really an error, I just get the group commands menu from arma when I hit ` .
  5. Also check out, First translation post Insurance button position fix Works great on 5.0.0 Thank you FazeCHEF ! Does anyone know how to limit the insurance to only certain vehicles?
  6. Here also change to "insured" <Key ID="STR_InsuranceApply"> <Original>You just insured your vehicle you are now protected against explosions!</Original> < Czech > Now you insure your vehicle is now protected against explosions ! < / Czech > < Spanish > You just make sure your vehicle is now protected against explosions ! < / Spanish > < Italian > Just ensure your vehicle you are now protected against explosions ! < / Italian > < Polish > Just insure your vehicle you are now protected from explosion ! < / Polish > < Russian > You just insure your car, you are now protected against explosions ! < / Russian > < French > You just make your vehicle you are now protected against explosions ! < / French > < Portuguese > You just hold your vehicle you are now protected against explosions ! < / Portuguese > < German > They only insure your vehicle, you are now protected against explosions ! < / German > </Key>
  7. Would you like me to start a new topic or continue with this one? Once one of the members helps me with my issue I would gladly post solved and a thank you for there help.
  8. /* Use infiSTAR Tild (CommandingMenu) */ _useTildMenu = false; /* true or false */ This is the way it has been set. Or is it this one, /* CommandingMenu Check */ _CMC = true; /* true or false */
  9. So I take it you do not like infishit, what do you guys prefer for admin controls?
  10. Yes I do, does that mean when I use one of my accounts that dont have access to infistar it will work?
  11. I put that in there and the arma group command still comes up when I hit ~. Any Ideas on a next step?
  12. Sweet, man! that worked great! Now to figure out the Air service stations.
  13. Since this is a new test server I reinstalled the database with mariaDB. I an everyone else can join, all of my accounts. Of course everything is set to all money, house, vehicle defaults, but is fine for test server. It did fix the losing house owners when you disconnect bug. SO if anyone has anything else, please comment.
  14. This is what I get when trying to join my server. I am running 5.0.0. I had no problems before 3pm yesterday. I loaded the same mission files that worked from days ago, and same thing. .rpt extDB3 log I am using MySQL. It worked for a few weeks, do I need to switch to MariaDB? The config file for @extDB3 mirrors the wording in the database. Any ideas? Thank you I looked at this thread and it did not work for my problem. https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/763-sending-request-to-server-for-player-information-uid/
  15. I am looking to add more fuel pumps to my map. I am working with 5.0.0. I can easily duplicate the shops that show up on the map in the editor, but the pumps do not. So there is no information in the "init" field to tell me how it works. I have the pumping enabled, so you can chose how much fuel to pump or fill. Any help to point me in the direction where to look as to what to put into the init field would be greatly appreciated. Thank you