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  1. one

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    I understand what you want. You could just try a longer sound and see how it works.
  2. one

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    Can you make a long .ogg? Like 20 minutes long, so it keeps playing until you put it on?
  3. From your link; smokeGenMaxDist = 500; // for more info see "Changes dependent on distance" hmmm less distance maybe?
  4. It uses a smoke Grenade, so to change the amount of smoke It produces. you would have to use something else or change the amount of smoke all the smoke grenades produce in the game itself.
  5. https://pastebin.com/91UJz6Ka Check this out. I had three working on oil rigs. I wont be back until sunday night to look at the rest of my files. I cant open them on my iphone.
  6. Got what you’re asking. I will look through it later and show, you now that I understand the question. You can look too. It’s under distance to flag, or something, while capturing.
  7. These are out of order. “ the mission.sqm cords are "6779.028,79.167816,3537.756". ( I have tried both Z cords with no luck) “
  8. Yes, just make sure you have all 3 right
  9. Just a suggestion, your way is the better way of course.
  10. How about adding a pause or a time out at the end of the script. To keep it from being ran to fast a second time, once the first robbery has started. 🤔
  11. one

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    Yes it definitely works perfectly on v5.0.
  12. one

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    Read through the thread before you post .
  13. You can try to work this into your script. if(_cops < 2) exitWith { hint "You cant capture this area, there aren't enough police on. There needs to be 2 police on."; }; if(_allPs < 10) exitWith { hint "You cant capture this area, there aren't enough civilians on. There needs to be 10 or more civilians on."; };
  14. This "impound.hpp" worked on v5.0 https://pastebin.com/vjCTXWum
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