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  1. Works on 5.0! Thank you for this Post!
  2. Moin moin! Wir suchen für unser Projekt Tanoa Island Life einen motivierten Entwickler! Wir sind derzeit der 2 größte Tanoa Server (nonModded) in Deutschland! Was solltest du mitbringen ? - min. 18 Jahre alt sein - SQL und SQF beherrschen - motiviert und kreative sein - Teamfähig Was wir bieten ? - ein freundliches Team - 2 größte deutsche Tanoa Life Community Wenn du Interesse hast kannst du dich gerne via PM bei mir melden! Webseite : https://www.tanoa-island-life.de/ Teamspeak : ts3.tanoa-island-life.de Server: server.tanoa-island-life.de:2302 Gametracker Ranking Link : https://www.gametracker.com/search/arma3/DE/?query=tanoa Hauta Rein!
  3. Works perfect on 5.0 after edit life serverfiles... nice and thanks!
  4. AnonOp

    [Release] Stretcher Script

    Read Description .... Working fine at 5.0, Thank you!
  5. if you do not know what you are doing, then better not open a server or deal with the framework
  6. Scripting function 'nss_ac_fnc_logger' is not allowed to be remotely executed Scripting function 'nss_ac_fnc_setvehiclevarname' is not allowed to be remotely executed whitelist is a solution ....
  7. #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" try this in fn_adminOnOffDuty.sqf
  8. AnonOp

    [Tutorial] StatusBar 5.X

    No Logs no help ... its simple ....
  9. AnonOp

    Quest System for Maverick Talent Tree

    To prevent the quest from being repeated i use this function call mav_ttm_fnc_hasPerk
  10. add in your configuration.sqf admin_onDuty = 0;