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  1. New Arma Life -removed- I have uploaded my entire mission file (except for the textures and the mission.sqm) to GitLab. This is my early novice work and I recommend that you don't use it verbatim, it has many inefficiencies and such. Within it is a wide variety of different front end functions such as: Capturable towns. Custom bank framework. Custom delivery framework. NPC UBER/taxi framework. Guilds framework. The back-end server addon isn't included within the repository. This mission file was a work in progress and I never intended to release the mission in this form at all. Best use of this code is to be re-worked into your own stuff, in your own particular flavour. This is not an accurate representation of my current programming ability or capabilities. -removed- ~ License The base framework was developed by Tonic and is currently maintained at AsYetUntitled by the community. Thanks to (in no particular order): Sgt. Cuddles | Bailey | KLM | Jawshy
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