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  1. Wilder

    New Y menu & player menu

    You need the barrier script installed, than you onbuttonclicked in the hpp , you exeecute the script from there onbuttonclick = call .... script here;
  2. It will work fine , Just get their classnames and look into config_Vehicles , and you should see how it works just copy paste an suv line for example replace the suv class with one of these addons.
  3. Forgot to say , The default one is spawned with the debug menu via create dialog , Would that be the issue ? , As for the second custom one , How would I make the items display into it , I made the IDC and it wont display
  4. https://pastebin.com/muSJTJic Hello , So I made this as a new display for the items and the licenses however they do not show up even after making the IDC. After checking also they stopepd displaying in the default one too
  5. will try that , I removed spyglass completely , and IIRC , It started happening afterwards , could that be the issue ?
  6. https://www.pastefs.com/pid/20222 Always had this error though and it worked
  7. https://www.pastefs.com/pid/20221 server rpt
  8. https://www.pastefs.com/pid/20220 Client logs
  9. If cops restrain someone they cannot use cop interaction menu , Except if the cop goes to lobby and join again.
  10. Wilder

    [Release] Zipties | Blindfolds and Gags | 4.4r3+

    Well It works as a whole , But in the pullout , When I press it , It makes the animation of them getting out of the car but puts them back in . I replaced the pullout files with the one from your zipties. Using 5.0 Any ideas ?
  11. author = ""; onLoadName = ""; onLoadMission = ""; joinUnassigned = 1; respawn = BASE; respawndelay = 5; disabledAI = true; enableDebugConsole = 1; respawnDialog = 0; disableRandomization[] = {"All", "AllVehicles"}; disableChannels[] = {{0, true, true}, {2, true, true}, {3, true, true}, {4, true, true}, {5. true, true}}; Fixed by adding that to my description.ext , I am guessing the respawn base part is the reason
  12. If anyone knows whats the issue , it would be nice if someone helps
  13. Well , Scripts are not causing it , I just copied my mission.sqm and the default framework with no scripts installed , and when I revived someone this happend , Is there anything I need to edit when I change maps?