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  1. INTRODUCTION GamerZ Repository is a brand new gaming community in the starting phaze of a new era! We are looking for new members and players to join our new servers and participate in our webpage features. Please take 2 min of your time to check our our webpage and atleast see what we are all about! Visit GZRep.com We also have our own Teamspeak 3 server! You can join that on ts.gzrep.com COMMUNITY FEATURES Exile, Life and Invade & Annex -Servers Adult Developers and Moderators (20yo+) Advanced User Accounts Advanced Forums Support System Downloads Member Gallery Member Calendar Member Live Streams Server Statistics & Network Tools Teamspeak 3 GZRepNet VTC for ETS & ATS SERVER FEATURES Fullscreen Nightvision Custom Vehicles Custom Loadout Custom Clothing Custom Restart Messages Vote For Day / Night Private In-Game Chat High Server FPS Dedicated Hosting ( Not VPS ) Tons of Custom Configuration Settings JSRS4: APEX (Optional) REQUIRED MODS To play on our server you need the following mods. These can also be downloaded from our webpage. @GZRep Life Addons @JSRS4APEX 1.2 (Optional) A3 Version: 1.64 GZREP ARMA LAUNCHER Want the easy way to connect? Download the GZRep Arma Launcher to quickly update the mods required to play on our server. You can also set custom launch parameters if you want that! Get more information and download by clicking here! REPORT BUGS Do you have a suggestion or have you found any sort of bugs that you want to report? REPORT BUGS HERE
  2. The forums are back up running and so are we! Dont forget to visit our webpage: GZRep.com

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