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  1. Topic locked. We no longer allow members to advertise "Looking for developers" or something similar due to many members being scammed.
  2. This is not a server. You will need to find a server and find the way to apply for that server.
  3. This is not a server. You would need to find out how to apply for the server you play on.
  4. That means that somewhere it is referencing core\fn_seatbelt.sqf instead of core\functions\fn_seatbelt.sqf
  5. It does not go in just core it goes in core then functions.
  6. To help you learn I will tell you where to look, look in somewhere that plays a sound like the flashbang or siren files.
  7. If you are using a hosting provider and/or use shared resources then it is likely that you do not have the correct permissions.
  8. This is not what helper recruitment is for. Moving to general discussions!
  9. @bobinzx the command for invincibility is player allowDamage false;
  10. Do you have a website? If you do not you might want to make one.
  11. That can be caused by simple errors in scripts. Check your RPT log and see what error it is giving you.
  12. @Swatguy17 (Ultra Sid) Please don't ask questions like this when they are answered in the post. deleteVehicle cursorTarget
  13. Ohh definitely there is no way that since march they have gotten thousands of real registered users!
  14. I mean what is wrong with these guys, the important links on their website are just fu**** up!
  15. Add screenshots when you get a chance and it's fine to learn as you go!
  16. Not to mention anyone who is good that would be willing too would ask for an insane amount of money! Anyways this is in the wrong section, so I am going to move it!
  17. Ya moderator usually is not that high in a lot of Arma life communities!
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