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  1. silencedaxis

    Working Scripts [Updated]

    Next time please look at the list or use the search bar.
  2. Topic locked. We no longer allow members to advertise "Looking for developers" or something similar due to many members being scammed.
  3. silencedaxis

    Oracle Hub - Altis Life

    Topic locked.
  4. silencedaxis

    Oracle Hub - Altis Life

    I don't think that is how it works.
  5. silencedaxis

    App to be Whitelisted ALPD or ALEMT

    This is not a server. You will need to find a server and find the way to apply for that server.
  6. silencedaxis

    How do i get whitelisted to become a cop?

    This is not a server. You would need to find out how to apply for the server you play on.
  7. silencedaxis

    [Tutorial] Purge [Server Event] 4.4 R3

    It is just an admin message.
  8. silencedaxis

    [Tutorial] Purge [Server Event] 4.4 R3

  9. silencedaxis

    Wedding Ring

    To help you learn I will tell you where to look, look in somewhere that plays a sound like the flashbang or siren files.
  10. silencedaxis

    SQL_RAW_V2 erros + player without item after logout

    If you are using a hosting provider and/or use shared resources then it is likely that you do not have the correct permissions.
  11. This is not what helper recruitment is for. Moving to general discussions!