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  1. Topic locked. We no longer allow members to advertise "Looking for developers" or something similar due to many members being scammed.
  2. This is not a server. You will need to find a server and find the way to apply for that server.
  3. This is not a server. You would need to find out how to apply for the server you play on.
  4. That means that somewhere it is referencing core\fn_seatbelt.sqf instead of core\functions\fn_seatbelt.sqf
  5. It does not go in just core it goes in core then functions.
  6. To help you learn I will tell you where to look, look in somewhere that plays a sound like the flashbang or siren files.
  7. If you are using a hosting provider and/or use shared resources then it is likely that you do not have the correct permissions.
  8. This is not what helper recruitment is for. Moving to general discussions!
  9. @bobinzx the command for invincibility is player allowDamage false;
  10. Do you have a website? If you do not you might want to make one.
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