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  1. Is this still an issue? If this thread doesn't receive a reply within the next 72 hours then we will assume it's been resolved. Thanks!
  2. sleep 0.85; _cP = _cP + 0.01; In the while {true} loop, find this and increase the sleep time... (it's seconds)
  3. But be aware that this file is a security feature, as it prevents functions other than the one you specify from being called.
  4. This would happen if you changed the classname in custHud.hpp, or forgot to add custHud.hpp to your classRscTitles in Description.ext (the last step)...
  5. addAction[name, action, params, ...] Where params is an array of parameters that you want to pass ie: addAction[name, action, [param1, param2], ...] These params are then accessible in the script as _param1 = (_this select 3) select 0; _param2 = (_this select 3) select 1; It's much easier if you read and use the answers given to you instead of making things up... This is all information available on the page I linked earlier. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction
  6. The store isn't available as _this select 0/1. Please read the documentation for addAction: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction Because the object that has had the action added to it, and the action calling it are the same, in this case, select 0 and select 1 are the same. Add actions third parameter is were you must pass variables (as an array if you need more than one) and they'll be available as _this select 3. You'll have to identify the NPC via some other method.
  7. It's not that vehicles aren't be shown in the garage, it's that they're not being inserted to the database. [22:59:52:050037 --4:00] [Thread 4364] extDB2: SQL_RAW_V2: Error StatementException: SQL: INSERT INTO vehicles (side, classname, type, playerid, alive, active, inventory, color, plate, gear, damage) VALUES ('civ', 'C_SUV_01_F', 'Car', '76561198007151714', '1','1','"[[],0]"', '35', '893285','"[]"','"[]"') Your query to insert is referring to "playerid", however the column has been called "pid" for a long time, it is likely that the SQL file you're using does not match the framework version that you're using. You'll need to correct these query references or use the correct file combination.
  8. J4Wx

    Texture Request??

    But he's willing to pay to ensure that he gets unique ones, instead of the free ones that you see in every other server...
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