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  1. Always enjoy your posts, It works very well thanks for the update. stay sexy always 😜
  2. Mind sharing incase someone else has the same issues.
  3. @Eddie Lopezdid you replace all the files with the one's provided? As well have you changed anything? I'm looking and don't see anything wrong with give or remove.
  4. If you have not also fix this error 2021/09/14, 0:19:24 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\CBX\phone\dialogs\mainDialog.hpp, line 257: '/CBX_PhoneMain/controls/rankupButton.onButtonClick': Missing ';' at the end of line
  5. Try replacing your fn_useitem.sqf with this #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_useItem.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Main function for item effects and functionality through the player menu. */ disableSerialization; if ((lbCurSel 2405) isEqualTo -1) exitWith { hint localize "STR_ISTR_SelectItemFirst"; }; private _item = CONTROL_DATA(2405); private _edible = M_CONFIG(getNumber, "VirtualItems", _item, "edible"); private _drinkable = M_CONFIG(getNumber, "VirtualItems", _item, "drinkable"); if (_edible > -1 || _drinkable > -1) exitWith { if ([false, _item, 1] call life_fnc_handleInv) then { if (_edible > -1) then { private _sum = life_hunger + _edible; life_hunger = (_sum max 5) min 100; // never below 5 or above 100 }; if (_drinkable > -1) then { private _sum = life_thirst + _drinkable; life_thirst = (_sum max 5) min 100; // never below 5 or above 100 if (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "enable_fatigue") isEqualTo 1) then { player setFatigue 0; }; if (_item isEqualTo "redgull" && {LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "enable_fatigue") isEqualTo 1}) then { [] spawn { life_redgull_effect = time; titleText [localize "STR_ISTR_RedGullEffect", "PLAIN"]; player enableFatigue false; waitUntil {!alive player || ((time - life_redgull_effect) > (3 * 60))}; player enableFatigue true; }; }; }; }; [] call CBX_fnc_inventoryMenu; [] call life_fnc_hudUpdate; }; switch (_item) do { case "boltcutter": { [cursorObject] spawn life_fnc_boltcutter; closeDialog 0; }; case "blastingcharge": { player reveal fed_bank; (group player) reveal fed_bank; [cursorObject] spawn life_fnc_blastingCharge; closeDialog 0; }; case "defusekit": { [cursorObject] spawn life_fnc_defuseKit; closeDialog 0; }; case "storagesmall": { [false] call life_fnc_storageBox; }; case "storagebig": { [true] call life_fnc_storageBox; }; case "spikeStrip": { if (!isNull life_spikestrip) exitWith {hint localize "STR_ISTR_SpikesDeployment"; closeDialog 0}; if ([false, _item, 1] call life_fnc_handleInv) then { [] spawn life_fnc_spikeStrip; closeDialog 0; }; }; case "fuelFull": { if !(isNull objectParent player) exitWith {hint localize "STR_ISTR_RefuelInVehicle"}; [] spawn life_fnc_jerryRefuel; closeDialog 0; }; case "fuelEmpty": { [] spawn life_fnc_jerryCanRefuel; closeDialog 0; }; case "lockpick": { [] spawn life_fnc_lockpick; closeDialog 0; }; default { hint localize "STR_ISTR_NotUsable"; }; }; [] call CBX_fnc_inventoryMenu; [] call life_fnc_hudUpdate;
  6. Hello @Eddie Lopez make sure that it's not just the phone menu that is not updating, Also please share your RPT.
  7. #include "\life_server\script_macros.hpp" /* File Name: fn_safezoneAuto.sqf Author: Drunken Cheetah Desc: Creates Auto Safezones */ private ["_safe","_zone","_timeCheck","_turnOn","_timer","_size"]; _turnOn = if(!(LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"use_autosafezone")isEqualTo 1)) exitWith {}; _safe = (getMarkerPos(selectRandom["safe_kavala","safe_zaros","safe_pyrgos","safe_athira","safe_sofia"])); _timer = (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "time_to_change")); _size = (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"size_of_zone")); _timeCheck = if(!(LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "timer_safezones") isEqualTo 1)) then { _markZone = createMarker["safeZone",_safe]; "safeZone" setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; "safeZone" setMarkerType "Empty"; "safeZone" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "safeZone" setMarkerBrush "DIAGGRID"; "safeZone" setMarkerSize [_size,_size]; "safeZone" setMarkerDir 0; }else{ _markZone = createMarker["safeZone",_safe]; "safeZone" setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; "safeZone" setMarkerType "Empty"; "safeZone" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "safeZone" setMarkerBrush "DIAGGRID"; "safeZone" setMarkerSize [_size,_size]; "safeZone" setMarkerDir 0; sleep (_timer * 60); deleteMarker "safeZone"; [] spawn TON_fnc_safezoneAuto; };
  8. This is correct it resets every time I close the app and reopen.
  9. I assume issue resolved? @siroutset1984
  10. I love how for this script your like here is a photo of the script type it out scrubs. 😂 Copy & Paste = No Learning
  11. Very handy but would be nice if every time I close it and re open I don't have to re put in the locations again.
  12. Welcome to altisliferpg
  13. 1. Do you use 3D car shop or menu car shop? 2. Is your server also running all the mods? 3. Can you provide us with your server RPT.
  14. I like your post @Jamesss I would maybe add a video or photos showing some of your server
  15. Hello @Slushie Welcome to altisliferpg I hope you enjoy your stay and there are plenty of scripts that can help you get your server started. As always feel free to ask for help in the support thread as I and others are happy to lend a hand when we can.
  16. You have given no info about your server. 1. Why should players join your server? 2. What makes your server different then other RP servers? 3. Give us some info about your community.
  17. So the buildings look great but there is %0 info about your server, I would suggest giving people info about custom scripts and jobs/opportunity's that would attract people to join your server, as well some info about your community.
  18. So your buildings look nice and your server sounds kind of interesting, But I would suggest editing your post. It's clear you copy and pasted it and that to me makes me feel like your server is also copy and paste. Also your hud has been used on every server so I would think about making a custom one. Image Below shows what I'm talking about:
  19. Well according to this is cant find your Vehicles Cfg as well you have a Database error. 0:21:36 ": LifeCfgVehicles class doesn't exist" "extDB3: Protocol Error: [0,""Error MariaDBQueryException Exception""]"
  20. ..... would he be asking if he could? 😄
  21. Sounds like your looking for a custom admin menu.
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