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  1. @Repentz may have something to say about you posting trailer park graphics without asking.
  2. The short answer is extDB2 is not compatible with x64.
  3. That isn't a bad idea. The reason I wanted to do it this was is so it will better with the gang rank system I am working on.
  4. Nope... I messed up the tutorial, and forgot to tell you to put life_gang_bank_time = 0; in your configuration.sqf
  5. I didn't see your comment, but if you are getting an error I am not, I am happy to help fix it. This will work for 4.4+. Please verify that you have followed my instructions.
  6. How to Stop the Gang Bank Duplication Exploit Author: CptGooch Author Website: www.abeloth.com Short description: I got tired of seeing so many servers and even the framework with this exploit. Downloads: fn_gangDeposit.sqf & fn_gangWithdraw.sqf Installation Steps: Replace your fn_gangWithdraw.sqf and fn_gangDeposit.sqf found in dialog\function\ with the downloads provided Add the following to your core/configuration.sqf life_gang_bank_time = 0; Open your stringtable.xml and search (crtl+f) for STR_ATM_DepositInUseG Update the original text to
  7. I do not have this issue. What did you change in my script?
  8. SOURCE: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20465 Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide Author: Mikie boy Author Website: http://fockers.moonfruit.com Version: 3.0 Short description: This is an old but useful guide from 2013. Chapter 1, 2 and 3 of Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide Download Link: Fockers_Arma_Scripting_guide_v30.7z Features: The first chapter covers the basics of: Setting up a file, showscripterrors, and window mode Variables, assignment, initialization, and variable types. Init.sqf, interactions between the game world and the scripts. A
  9. If you can describe your issue and any logs we are happy to help.
  10. Please post your player_inv.hpp on hastebin.com and link it here.
  11. Take a look in your core/configuration.Sqf. I am not at my PC, but think default values are set here.
  12. I see a server with s a slightly modified copy of Trailer Park's Mission file. Did you get permission to use their code?
  13. Abeloth is a US server so, 6pm CST to 11pm CST are our prime-time. Sundays are normally our best days, while Thursdays are the weakest.
  14. Hello angelo21390, Unless you want to join a modded server like lakeside, you don't need to install anything. There are many great servers to check out, but I'll be a little bias and invite you to mine. Server Name: Abeloth Altis Life | Active Community | 100% Custom Server IP: TeamSpeak: abeloth.ts.nfoservers.com Website: www.abeloth.com I do recommend you check out several different servers before deciding where to make your home. Every server is has different developers, and support staff that make it unique.
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