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  1. @Repentz may have something to say about you posting trailer park graphics without asking.
  2. The short answer is extDB2 is not compatible with x64.
  3. That isn't a bad idea. The reason I wanted to do it this was is so it will better with the gang rank system I am working on.
  4. Nope... I messed up the tutorial, and forgot to tell you to put life_gang_bank_time = 0; in your configuration.sqf
  5. I didn't see your comment, but if you are getting an error I am not, I am happy to help fix it. This will work for 4.4+. Please verify that you have followed my instructions.
  6. How to Stop the Gang Bank Duplication Exploit Author: CptGooch Author Website: www.abeloth.com Short description: I got tired of seeing so many servers and even the framework with this exploit. Downloads: fn_gangDeposit.sqf & fn_gangWithdraw.sqf Installation Steps: Replace your fn_gangWithdraw.sqf and fn_gangDeposit.sqf found in dialog\function\ with the downloads provided Add the following to your core/configuration.sqf life_gang_bank_time = 0; Open your stringtable.xml and search (crtl+f) for STR_ATM_DepositInUseG Update the original text to <Original>Reconnecting to bank server. Please wait 10 seconds to deposit into your gang's bank account.</Original> Now find STR_ATM_WithdrawInUseG and update the original text to <Original>Reconnecting to bank server. Please wait 10 seconds to withdraw from your gang's bank account.</Original> Next, open up \dialog\bank.hpp Change your GangWithdraw button action to onButtonClick = "[] spawn {sleep (random 0.5);[] call life_fnc_gangWithdraw};"; And change your GangDeposit action to onButtonClick = "[] spawn {sleep (random 0.5);[] call life_fnc_gangDeposit};"; All done! No more Gang Bank Duping for those #%!#*^.
  7. I do not have this issue. What did you change in my script?
  8. SOURCE: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20465 Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide Author: Mikie boy Author Website: http://fockers.moonfruit.com Version: 3.0 Short description: This is an old but useful guide from 2013. Chapter 1, 2 and 3 of Fockers Arma3 Scripting Guide Download Link: Fockers_Arma_Scripting_guide_v30.7z Features: The first chapter covers the basics of: Setting up a file, showscripterrors, and window mode Variables, assignment, initialization, and variable types. Init.sqf, interactions between the game world and the scripts. Alignment of code, bracket usage and setting out code. If/else statement, nested if/else statements. While, and both for-loops types. Commands - player, waituntil, getpos, createvehicle, createunit, hint, format, sleep and a few other bits. And a lot of reference on using BIS forums and the Wiki. The second chapter covers the basics of: Part 1: Basic Arrays Selecting elements Subtracting Addition forEach command Part 2: Basic Functions Local and global call Spawn Part 3: Making a basic Patrol function. Few other commands have been thrown in The third chapter covers the basics of: Part 1: Eventhandlers adding removing use of scope and exitwith command example usage and creation of eject and mine functions Part 2: Get and set Variable handle variables Create a driving licence system using eventhandlers and get/set variables to control access to vehicles Few other commands have been thrown in.
  9. If you can describe your issue and any logs we are happy to help.
  10. Please post your player_inv.hpp on hastebin.com and link it here.
  11. Take a look in your core/configuration.Sqf. I am not at my PC, but think default values are set here.
  12. I see a server with s a slightly modified copy of Trailer Park's Mission file. Did you get permission to use their code?
  13. Abeloth is a US server so, 6pm CST to 11pm CST are our prime-time. Sundays are normally our best days, while Thursdays are the weakest.
  14. Hello angelo21390, Unless you want to join a modded server like lakeside, you don't need to install anything. There are many great servers to check out, but I'll be a little bias and invite you to mine. Server Name: Abeloth Altis Life | Active Community | 100% Custom Server IP: TeamSpeak: abeloth.ts.nfoservers.com Website: www.abeloth.com I do recommend you check out several different servers before deciding where to make your home. Every server is has different developers, and support staff that make it unique. ArmA life is best when you find a server you really like to call home for several months. It is an RPG after all.
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