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  1. It’s and old post, and you’ve probably figured this out by now: config_gather.hpp:
  2. I think this is the reason why! if ((backpack player) == "B_Carryall_cbr&quot then { // -- BIG OOPSIE HERE! (unitbackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,""]; }; };
  3. you can try fiddeling with eventhandler, onTake (or something like that), then retrieve the uniform's texture and apply it.
  4. @Shane1041 Same issue. There is some major bugs /unfinished work with this release. I would strongly suggest that you try to create your own, as it is not that hard. Much easier to de-bug aswell
  5. Oh I am sorry. I misunderstood. Try something like this for a change: Straight from Arma 3's wiki page: Wiki This code will fix unit to 100% health after self-use of medpack: player addEventHandler ["HandleHeal", { _this spawn { params ["_injured","_healer"]; _damage = damage _injured; if (_injured == _healer) then { waitUntil {damage _injured != _damage}; if (damage _injured < _damage) then { _injured setDamage 0; }; }; }; }]; This only checks for first aid iirc, but it can also check if unit has the MedKit (big one), with a simple line of code. if ("Medikit" in (items player)) then { ...};
  6. Check your masterHandler.hpp Change these two to 1 to allow cops & civs to revive - revive_civ - revive_cops code from actionKeyHandler //Check if it's a dead body. if (_curObject isKindOf "CAManBase" && {!alive _curObject}) exitWith { //Hotfix code by ins0 if ((playerSide isEqualTo west && {(LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"revive_cops") isEqualTo 1)}) || {(playerSide isEqualTo civilian && {(LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"revive_civ") isEqualTo 1)})} || {(playerSide isEqualTo east && {(LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"revive_east") isEqualTo 1)})} || {playerSide isEqualTo independent}) then { if (life_inv_defibrillator > 0) then { [_curObject] call life_fnc_revivePlayer; }; }; };
  7. Life_server init.sqf: /* Set the amount of gold in the federal reserve at mission start */ fed_bank setVariable ["safe",count playableUnits,true]; [] spawn TON_fnc_federalUpdate; fn_federalUpdate.sqf _funds = fed_bank getVariable ["safe",0]; fed_bank setVariable ["safe",round(_funds+((count playableUnits)/2)),true];
  8. _startAsNormal = this will require you to type !admin in chat, to access the infistar features.
  9. I really don't want to be spoon feeding. There is literally a file called fn_wantedBounty.sqf which does 99.999999% of the job for you! Oh well... I recommend that you use this link to clear any unwanted characters when copying and pasting: http://arma.imthatguyhere.com/bom/ ALSO BACKUP your shit, please. When finished, you can retrieve your life_myWantedBounty, which can be put in dialog's and such NB: this is not automatically updated. But you can run it several times when a wanted record gets added Create a file in your life_server/functions/systems, and name it "fn_checkWanted.sqf". In your config.cpp (still life_server, should be its main folder), add this under class Systems { class checkWanted {}; it should look something like this: Now its time to go over to your client side. Create a file in core\civilian and name it fn_isWanted.sqf Then open your functions.hpp (main directory of client side), and add this under class civilian: class isWanted {}; like such: Now open CfgRemoteExec.hpp, and add this under /* Functions for everyone */ /* Wanted Bounty */ F(TON_fnc_checkWanted,ANYONE) F(life_fnc_isWanted,ANYONE) like such ( at the bottom) add this to your init.sqf (inside core) at the *VERY* bottom [player] remoteExecCall ["TON_fnc_checkWanted",RSERV]; And lastly add this in your configuration.sqf (under life_variables) life_myWantedBounty = 0;
  10. Inside your fn_p_openMenu.sqf, there is a lot of checks if side is west, civ etc.. I believe this is the correct one. Just remove it if you want civs to have it case civilian: { ctrlShow[2012,false]; // this one disables the wanted menu for civs
  11. Quick summary of the script: It shows you on the map the whereabouts of your teammates (it is set to allUnits currently), but easier just for testing. It automatically discovered what vehicle you're in, and sets the marker type accordingly. The problem: Upon having more than 1 player in a vehicle, it has multiple icons of that vehicle, when it really should just be one. Also, the names should be stringed together, (ie: Dyna4, Passenger1, Passenger 2, etc). Instead, they each get treated by themselves, acting like the vehicle is not just 1 unit, but several. Picture of the map: https://imgur.com/a/FQ2Zpkj The script: fn_playerMarkers.sqf I know the code is weird having only text for the crew, but It works if its a player as well (https://imgur.com/a/tZ6GbgL). Anyone willing to help out, is an absolute champ!
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