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  1. Great! Just tested this (AL 5.0), and it works! I believe some things needs to be cleared up though. In step 8, I believe you mean in the fn_keyHandler.sqf, and NOT the handeDamage? (i put it there, and it works). While downed, you are still able to interact with stuff (player menu, etc). Maybe a life_interrupted = true; needs to be put in place? Medic distance doesn't work yet, still says "Script". After forcing a respawn, you are still in the "Killed" animation (I've checked my rpt's, and followed the tutorial to the letter, nothing wrong here). However, if y
  2. @Aura Try this: ["Title", format ["%1 just ran over %2!", name _driver, name player]] remoteExecCall ["UPM_fnc_showNotification", 0];
  3. I dont want to reinstall a whole new framework just to see if its any good. Good day
  4. How do we make it persistent. IE: player disconnects and reconnects but will still have the NLR?
  5. You sure you’re not supposed to use life_fnc_showNotification? You said it in a previous comment
  6. @xTheRealWebix try this: [“Information”,format [localize "STR_NOTF_NE_1",[_price] call life_fnc_numberText,localize _displayName]] call UPM_fnc_showNotification;
  7. Is there a way to push the upcoming message down, so it does not "replace" the old one? Could be very useful Good find!
  8. If you’re using x64bit make sure you create a BEserver_x64.cfg with the same port etc. Also when connecting the rcon, make sure the game server is online
  9. Personally the hint timer is not so pretty, and you can use the old one with ease! To do this, go inside core/civilian/fn_jailMe.sqf and replace this: with this: Important: Change the sleep = 1; to sleep = 0.1; for a smoother countdown (same file).
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