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  1. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    [IRT STUDIOS] Script - Bleeding Out Medical System

    I dont want to reinstall a whole new framework just to see if its any good. Good day
  2. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    [IRT STUDIOS] Script - Bleeding Out Medical System

    I'm too lazy, what does it look like?
  3. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    nearestObjects pickup

    Explanation of this script: I've dropped a map, radio and a GPS. These items will then to go into players inventory by executing this script: _stuff = nearestObjects[player,["GroundWeaponHolder"],5]; { player additem _x; } forEach _stuff; However, it doesn't work I've checked that my character has enough space. I've also tested the script by using deletevehicle _x, and the items get removed. So why would using "player additem _x //(and assignitem)" work aswell?
  4. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    [Tutorial] New Life Rule Timer [4.x]

    How do we make it persistent. IE: player disconnects and reconnects but will still have the NLR?
  5. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    [4.4R4] UPM Notification

    You sure you’re not supposed to use life_fnc_showNotification? You said it in a previous comment
  6. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    [4.4R4] UPM Notification

    Yes it does
  7. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    [4.4R4] UPM Notification

    @xTheRealWebix try this: [“Information”,format [localize "STR_NOTF_NE_1",[_price] call life_fnc_numberText,localize _displayName]] call UPM_fnc_showNotification;
  8. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    [4.4R4] UPM Notification

    Is there a way to push the upcoming message down, so it does not "replace" the old one? Could be very useful Good find!
  9. AngryHerring ッ ®™

    Altis 5.0 - Rcon Help

    If you’re using x64bit make sure you create a BEserver_x64.cfg with the same port etc. Also when connecting the rcon, make sure the game server is online
  10. Hey, I'm trying to edit fn_playerTags.sqf, so there can be an icon over dead peoples' bodies (Cool gimmick, IMO). This includes any icon; in this case: (hospital_ca.paa) and the playername (%1). Picture for reference: https://imgur.com/a/wu2Wh The problem however: I am not able to make it work. (What a surprise) I'm quite new to "scripting", and a helping hand would be very appreciated! Note: No error message shows up in the .rpt logs. Here is the line of code which is used. //Dead Players case (!alive _x): {format ["<t color='#FF0000'><img image='a3\ui_f\data\map\MapControl\hospital_ca.paa' size='1.5'></img></t> %1",(_x getVariable ["realname",name _x])];}; The whole file: fn_playerTags.sqf
  11. AngryHerring ッ ®™


    Nevermind got it working. Used wrong code for adding items