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  1. Nice to see international community be confortable to join us for propose new server. GG Nice trailer!!
  2. yes we try to use some tool inclued that one for recovery the content. Thank to let us know!
  3. are you a admin of the forum? if not please be confortable to report content. let us do our job and focus to rebuild and help the forum.
  4. if you know the author or the author want to claim it is you are and is free to do it. Our priority now is retrive the content. Read the annoncement everithing is explain.
  5. Basicly is hepling to retriev content coming from our comminuty and he respect the author in the same way. Author: Osef (Supposedly) Edited by: midgetgrimm Changes and improvements: Breau
  6. This script come from the cache of AltisLifeRPG.com Like 90% of the content of where you come from. Please just keep to support people come on this forum for get help or be free to stay away.
  7. That script exist every where so calm down, is gonna be very helpfull for people consult this topic. and that doesn't mean you can straight copy paste from the AltisLifeRPG.com cache and tell is the proriety of your web site. Keep your distance with that forum if you have the in mind to be useless like that.
  8. Thank and feel free to give us suggest to improve it we are there for the community!
  9. Hey guys, As you can see, we make a lot of changes on the forum everyday, we are trying to accommodate every section we can. If you feel like something's missing and you would like me to add a section don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you
  10. Every body know RRyanTTs post that tuto on this forum thank for repost it. Script: RyanTTs Dynamic Market System
  11. Clear author thank! Author: Osef (Supposedly) Edited by: midgetgrimm Changes and improvements: Breau
  12. Author: MrKraken the author is clear thanks!
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