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    • Rozo

      Donations   09/18/2016

        We've added a donation block on the right side. All of those donation goes directly to the developer of Altis Life mod ( currently BoGuu ). None of that money is used to maintain the forum. In the future we might add a donation button to support the forum, but for now we want to encourage the developer because they went through a lot. To discuss this topic - Here
    • Shakir Darwish

      IS YOUR SERVER BROKEN SINCE 1.64 UPDATE?   09/22/2016

      If your server is broken since 1.64 go check this link thanks. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/issues/104
    • Rozo

      Sad Day   01/04/2017

      Good evening community of Altis Life RPG, Today was a sad day. We learned the hard way that one of the helper was using his status and visibility on the forum to do things i wouldn't imagine.  We were warned about this user in the beginning, we talked about his behavior and he said that they were things of the past. We were fooled.
      Unfortunately, he fooled other community members by selling stolen content and impersonating his role as a developer in another community. Here's a remember of one of the rules on our forum, No selling scripts, snippets, or services.   So if anyone come across someone who's selling his services, scripts or whatever, Report them. Especially if it's coming from an Helper, Mod, Admin. No one in the staff should ask for money, we already mention this when we reopened the forum and that rule is here to stay.

      We can't be sorry enough for what happen here, for any harm it as caused among other communities, for money that shouldn't been spent and we truly hope this doesn't happen again.

      As for the user in question, he is now banned from our forum and discord and we wish to never cross his path again.
        If there's anything we can do hit us on Discord or send a message to an admin.
      Thanks, Rozo.


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  1. 2 points
    I'm not trying to be rude, but all the scripts on your server are released on these forums, and the uniforms. If I was you I would ask for my money back from so called toxic, as he just copy and paste all files in. I would put any money on your rpt logs showing errors
  2. 2 points
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    Server Information Server Name: [UK/EU][NEW] Never Back Down | Malden Life | 80k Start Server Slots: 100 Server IP: Teamspeak IP: Main Features NATO Weapons Cache The NATO Weapons Cache is like the Federal Reserve but instead of gold bars, You get different types of weapons out of the box. Unique Texturing Custom Skins for Vehicles and Clothes. Customized Map Our map has been customized by our developers. ATM Robbery System You can rob almost 100% of the ATM's around the map. Active Staff Team Consisting of Staff, Moderators, Admins, Senior Admins and More. Many Little Things Zipties, Custom Sirens and Many More. Factions Civilian Normal Civilian Gangster Rebel Journalist Bounty Hunter Blufor Police (British Police) CTSFO (Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer) Independent MHS (Malden Health Service) HMTO (Highways Malden Traffic Officer) Pictures Our Police Vehicles
  4. 1 point
    Thanks for the input. I will edit my post now.
  5. 1 point
    You should add images buddy but nice layout.
  6. 1 point
    Not sure why you made two topics on this, you still never replied when I said when this happens to send your client rpt along with server. If you don't want to send those, then don't ask for help
  7. 1 point
    i got it fixed! thanks tho
  8. 1 point
    I have seen a lot of server's offer store discounts, and decided to do my own. It is relatively easy, and not that difficult. You can set it up so only certain shops have the discount, or all shops. For me I have 1 discount % for all shops. Goto Config_Master.hpp and add anywhere discount = 15; //Change this to any number you want. For vehicle shop discounts open file: core/shops/fn_vehicleShopBuy.sqf Roughly line 46 (under neath private "_purchasePrice"; add the following private "_discount"; _discount = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "discount"); if(_discount != 0) then { _purchasePrice = round(_initalPrice * _discount / 100); } else { if (_mode) then { _purchasePrice = round(_initalPrice * _buyMultiplier); } else { _purchasePrice = round(_initalPrice * _rentMultiplier); }; }; Go down to line roughly 91. It should be right underneath [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; Change the hint to the following if(_discount !=0) then { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Veh_BoughtDiscount",getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _className >> "displayName"),[_purchasePrice] call life_fnc_numberText, [_discount] call life_fnc_numberText, "%"]; }else{ hint format [localize "STR_Shop_Veh_Bought",getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _className >> "displayName"),[_purchasePrice] call life_fnc_numberText]; }; Save that file, and open core/shops/fn_buyClothes.sqf Change: if (_price > CASH) exitWith {titleText[localize "STR_Shop_NotEnoughClothes","PLAIN"];}; CASH = CASH - _price; [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; To the following; if(_discount != 0) then { _price = round(_price * _discount / 100); if (_price > CASH) exitWith {titleText[localize "STR_Shop_NotEnoughClothes","PLAIN"];}; CASH = CASH - _price; [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; hint parseText format["You purchased some clothing for %1 with a discount of %2%3",[_price] call life_fnc_numberText, [_discount] call life_fnc_numberText, "%"]; }else { if (_price > CASH) exitWith {titleText[localize "STR_Shop_NotEnoughClothes","PLAIN"];}; CASH = CASH - _price; [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; }; And add the following to line 11 ( at the top under if((lblCurSel) _discount = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "discount"); Save that file and open; core/shops/fn_weaponShopBuySell.sqf Add the following right underneath _itemInfo = [_item]... Should be line 14. _discount = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "discount"); Right underneath _bad = ""; add the following if(_discount != 0) then { _price = round(_price * _discount / 100); }; Scroll down to line 67, if(_price > CASH) .. Change the hint on that line to the following; if(_discount != 0) then { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItemDiscount",_itemInfo select 1,[_price] call life_fnc_numberText,[_discount] call life_fnc_numberText, "%"]; }else { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItem",_itemInfo select 1,[_price] call life_fnc_numberText]; }; And the same for the line below that (Line 77 roughly) if(_discount != 0) then { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItemDiscount",_itemInfo select 1,[_price] call life_fnc_numberText,[_discount] call life_fnc_numberText, "%"]; }else { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItem",_itemInfo select 1,[_price] call life_fnc_numberText]; }; Save that file and your done with that. Now open up, stringtable.xml file and add the following to it <Key ID="STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItemDiscount"> <Original>You bought a %1 for &lt;t color='#8cff9b'&gt;$%2&lt;/t&gt; with a discount of %3%4</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Shop_Veh_BoughtDiscount"> <Original>You bought a %1 for $%2 with a discount of %3%4</Original> </Key> Thats it! If you have any problems, please post with either the error your getting, or the RPT logs (Server & Client). It helps with those.
  9. 1 point
    format["%1<br/><t size='0.8' color='#B6B6B6'>%2</t>",_x getVariable ["steam64ID",getPlayerUID _x],(group _x) getVariable ["gang_name",""]]; you need to make cases for them then add this and change the variables
  10. 1 point
    If you could drive on that would be great. xx
  11. 1 point
    Ambitious, supply some photos, proper added features and more information and it will be a nice post
  12. 1 point
    All your advert is right now "I do wish to implement " why did you just not wait until it was done
  13. 1 point
    Can you put your rpt log in pastebin, also just letting you know that framework is not supportive any longer
  14. 1 point
    Sorry, buddy, I'm a beginner! by the way! Have you ever been an apprentice in one day? hugs!! Thank you for your help
  15. 1 point
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    Welcome Today I will be providing the community with a project I have been working on for a while The Altis Life Bounty Hunters Please not that I have been coding this at times when I have been extremely tired so if any problems occur just message me or tag me in your comment I tried to make this as easy as possible for those who do not want to learn how the code is written. I would like to thank TONIC for providing me with the wantedSystem framework to go off. Fresqo who provided the fn_markers.sqf script BoGuu and Alaskavet for being there when I needed some assistance. Difficulty: EASY PEASY Version: Altis Life 4.4 R3 Let's Get Started!!! 1: Download the zip attached, All files I will be using are inside that zip. 2: missionname >> stringtable.xml find somewhere to put a new package, add: <Package name="Bounty"> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_5000"> <Original>$5,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_10000"> <Original>$10,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_15000"> <Original>$15,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_20000"> <Original>$20,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_25000"> <Original>$25,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_30000"> <Original>$30,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_35000"> <Original>$35,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_40000"> <Original>$40,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_45000"> <Original>$45,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_50000"> <Original>$50,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_55000"> <Original>$55,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_60000"> <Original>$60,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_65000"> <Original>$65,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_70000"> <Original>$70,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_75000"> <Original>$75,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_80000"> <Original>$80,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_85000"> <Original>$85,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_90000"> <Original>$90,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_95000"> <Original>$95,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_100000"> <Original>$100,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_200000"> <Original>$200,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_300000"> <Original>$300,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_400000"> <Original>$400,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_500000"> <Original>$500,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_1000000"> <Original>$1,000,000</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_AddP"> <Original>%1 has been added to the bounty list, he was added for $%2 this has risen he current bounty price to $%3. The last known location has been marked on the map for all bounty hunting units. Normal declaration rules still apply, RDM will be delt with.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_MAR_bountyW"> <Original>Bounty Hunters Armory</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_MAR_bounty"> <Original>Bounty Hunters HQ</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_GNOTF_BountyMSG"> <Original>You are about to buy a 'Bounty Hunting License' buying this license will give you access to the Bounty Hunters Database, kill someone on the list to get thier bounty! Normal declaration still applys, you can NOT RDM! Do you accept these terms and conditions?</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_bounty_bountyList_notBH"> <Original>You are not a civilian, only civilians can add people to the bounty list! I suggest you leave!</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_bounty_bountyList_noPlayerSelected"> <Original>No player on the list was selected! Please select a player.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_bounty_bountyList_noAmountSelected"> <Original>No amount was selected, use the drop down menu to select a bounty amount.</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_BountyKill"> <Original>You have collected a bounty of $%1 for killing someone on the bounty list, nice job!</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_Title"> <Original>Bounty List</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_BountyA_Title"> <Original>Bounty Hunting Database</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Bounty_License"> <Original>Bounty License</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_License_bountyH"> <Original>Bounty Hunter</Original> </Key> </Package> 3. missionname >> functions.hpp Add: class BountyHunters { file = "core\BountyHunters"; class bountyAddMenu {}; class bountyAddP {}; class bountyBuy {}; class bountyGrab {}; class bountyHunterReceive {}; class bountyInfo {}; class bountyKill {}; class bountyList {}; class bountyMenu {}; class markers {}; }; 4. missionname >> CfgRemoteExec.hpp Add: In the Right Areas F(life_fnc_bountyHunterReceive,CLIENT)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyList,CLIENT)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_markers,CLIENT)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyReceive,CLIENT)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyAdd,SERVER)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_amountBounty,SERVER)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyFetch,SERVER)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyPerson,SERVER)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyProfUpdate,SERVER)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyRemove,SERVER)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyAlter,SERVER)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyCrimes,SERVER)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyAmountGather,SERVER)//Bountyhunter 5. missionname >> config >> config_license Add: class bountyH { variable = "bountyH"; displayName = "STR_License_bountyH"; price = 100000; illegal = false; side = "civ"; }; 6. missionname >> config >> Master_config Add under the crimes array: /* Bounty System Settings * /* bountys[] = {string, amount, code} */ bountys[] = { {"STR_Bounty_5000", "5000", "1B"}, {"STR_Bounty_10000", "10000", "2B"}, {"STR_Bounty_15000", "15000", "3B"}, {"STR_Bounty_20000", "20000", "4B"}, {"STR_Bounty_25000", "25000", "5B"}, {"STR_Bounty_30000", "30000", "6B"}, {"STR_Bounty_35000", "35000", "7B"}, {"STR_Bounty_40000", "40000", "8B"}, {"STR_Bounty_45000", "45000", "9B"}, {"STR_Bounty_50000", "50000", "10B"}, {"STR_Bounty_55000", "55000", "11B"}, {"STR_Bounty_60000", "60000", "12B"}, {"STR_Bounty_65000", "65000", "13B"}, {"STR_Bounty_70000", "70000", "14B"}, {"STR_Bounty_75000", "75000", "15B"}, {"STR_Bounty_80000", "80000", "16B"}, {"STR_Bounty_85000", "85000", "17B"}, {"STR_Bounty_90000", "90000", "18B"}, {"STR_Bounty_95000", "95000", "19B"}, {"STR_Bounty_100000", "100000", "20B"}, {"STR_Bounty_200000", "200000", "21B"}, {"STR_Bounty_300000", "300000", "22B"}, {"STR_Bounty_400000", "400000", "23B"}, {"STR_Bounty_500000", "500000", "24B"}, {"STR_Bounty_1000000", "1000000", "25B"} }; 7. missionname >> core >> medical >> fn_onPlayerKilled.sqf Underneath the last player set variable add: private _BountyPeeps = []; { if (license_civ_bountyH) then {_BountyPeeps pushBack _x}; } forEach playableUnits; Then under: //Killed by cop stuff... if (side _killer isEqualTo west && playerSide != west) then { life_copRecieve = _killer; //Did I rob the federal reserve? if (!life_use_atm && {CASH > 0}) then { [format [localize "STR_Cop_RobberDead",[CASH] call life_fnc_numberText]] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_broadcast",RCLIENT]; CASH = 0; }; }; Add: if (side _killer isEqualTo civilian && {_killer != _unit}) then { if (_killer in _BountyPeeps) then { life_bountyHunter = _killer; }; }; if (!isNull _killer) then { life_removeBounty = true; }; 8. Grab the files in the zip file and place them in the respected folders. 9. missionname >> dialog >> masterhandler Add: #include "bounty_list.hpp" #include "bounty_addList.hpp" 10. missionname >> core >> configuration Add under Backend variables life_removeBounty = false; 11. missionname >> core >> pmenu >> fn_p_openMenu Add under case west: ctrlShow[9696,false]; ctrlShow[9898,false] Add under case Civ: ctrlShow[9696,true]; ctrlShow[9898,true] Add under case med: ctrlShow[9696,false]; ctrlShow[9898,false] NOTE: The numbers are what you guys id you bountyList button as, I have two because I have the button and an icon, you may only have 1!!! 12. missionname >> core >> medical >> fn_respawned.sqf Under: //Johnny law got me but didn't let the EMS revive me, reward them half the bounty. if (!isNil "life_copRecieve") then { if (life_HC_isActive) then { [getPlayerUID player,player,life_copRecieve,true] remoteExecCall ["HC_fnc_wantedBounty",HC_Life]; } else { [getPlayerUID player,player,life_copRecieve,true] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_wantedBounty",RSERV]; }; life_copRecieve = nil; }; Add: if (!isNil "life_bountyHunter") then { if (life_HC_isActive) then { [getPlayerUID player,player,life_bountyHunter] remoteExecCall ["HC_fnc_amountBounty",HC_Life]; } else { [getPlayerUID player,player,life_bountyHunter] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_amountBounty",RSERV]; }; life_bountyHunter = nil; }; //Remove Bounty... if (life_removeBounty) then { if (life_HC_isActive) then { [getPlayerUID player] remoteExecCall ["HC_fnc_bountyRemove",HC_Life]; } else { [getPlayerUID player] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_bountyRemove",RSERV]; }; }; 13. missionname >> core >> civilian >> fn_removeLicense Add this case: //Adds the bountyH license to civs case 100: { missionNamespace setVariable [LICENSE_VARNAME("bountyH","civ"),true]; }; 14. missionname >> core >> init.sqf Under if (life_HC_isActive) then { [getPlayerUID player,player getVariable ["realname",name player]] remoteExec ["HC_fnc_wantedProfUpdate",HC_Life]; } else { [getPlayerUID player,player getVariable ["realname",name player]] remoteExec ["life_fnc_wantedProfUpdate",RSERV]; }; Add: if (life_HC_isActive) then { [getPlayerUID player,player getVariable ["realname",name player]] remoteExec ["HC_fnc_bountyProfUpdate",HC_Life]; } else { [getPlayerUID player,player getVariable ["realname",name player]] remoteExec ["life_fnc_bountyProfUpdate",RSERV]; }; life_server edits: 1. life_server >> config.cpp Add under life tag above class Jail_Sys: //Bounty Hunter class Bounty_Sys { file = "\life_server\Functions\BountySystem"; class amountBounty {}; class bountyRemove {}; class bountyAdd {}; class bountyFetch {}; class bountyProfUpdate {}; class bountyCrimes {}; class bountyAmountGather {}; }; 2. Place the bountyFiles life_server side into the folders. 3. life_server >> init.sqf Under: life_wanted_list = []; Add: life_bounty_list = []; mission.sqf edits: 1. Create the NPC: Inside the NPC you created add this: this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false; this addAction ["Bounty Hunting ($100,000)", life_fnc_bountyBuy,"",0,false,false,"",' !license_civ_bountyH && playerSide isEqualTo civilian']; this addAction["<t color = '#D660D6'>Bounty Add</t>",life_fnc_bountyAddMenu,"",0,false,false,"",'']; this addAction["<t color = '#E6F402'>Bounty List</t>",life_fnc_bountyMenu,"",0,false,false,"",'']; NOTE: This is the code taken from my mission.sqm file, if you paste that into the editor it WILL NOT work, you have to remove the extra " in the line, there should only be two " " not four. DATABASE EDIT: 1. Make a new query and run this code: USE `altislife`; CREATE TABLE `bounty` ( `bountyID` varchar(64) NOT NULL, `bountyName` varchar(32) NOT NULL, `bounty` int(100) NOT NULL, `insert_time` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, PRIMARY KEY (`bountyID`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4; Then Place folders in the right spot and your good to go. Now we SHOULD be finished... Any problems tag me in your comment and I'll reply to them ASAP I don't think i forgot anything. BountyHunter.rar
  18. 1 point
    Working Scripts Archive easy access to all available scripts _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UI and Informational Professional looking HUD Intro Music Intro Music 2 Intro Text Intro Cam Intro Video Outro Script StatusBar Removing Default Statusbar Spawn Menu Redone Updated HUD IPAD Y Menu IPAD Y Menu 2 AI Based Scripts Dynamic Airdrop Improvements & Basic Features Simply Morphine and Bandages Dynamic market 5.0 Custom Spawn Loadouts for Civilians Seat Belts Patdown Player + Seize Objects Realistic Towing Ear Plugs Rubber Bullets Realistic CPR Kit Actions Menu Tag System Speed Bomb Zip Ties Police Backup Jaws of Life Realistic Tazer Hand Gestures Buyable Loadouts Backpack Custom Capacity Marijuana Effects Gag Action Fastrope Auto Save Adding Smoke Effect to Processing Placeable Objects for Police Invisible Backpacks for police/med Anti VDM Block Changing Names Cops can enter locked vehicles Warner's Barriers Configurable Jail Time Adding police radar GPS System Car Alarm Boat Rental Civilian Passports Police Gate Opening Hotkey Adding Smoke Trails to Cesna Suicide Vest Automatic Messages Animal Tracking (for Hunting) Wedding rings Systems and Complex Features Questing System Zipties Revised [Fully Working, With Gag and Blindfolds] Vehicle Insurance RYANTTS DYNAMIC MARKET SYSTEM OPFOR 4.4 Advanced Banking System, With Pins MrKraken's Gas Station Robbery Script Bounty Hunting Framework [Dialog, DB, Player Interaction] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed Purge [Server Event] Crafting System Slot Machines Bus Transportation Physical Cellphone Gang Capturable Areas Tutorials Basic Coding Tutorial Moving the Federal Reserve Task force Radio Black screen when not in channel ETC Separate Police/Civ Cash & Bank Account Gang Name Spawns Custom Medic & Cop Skins Adding Licenses 4.4 Tobacco-field Civilian Whitelisting Installing Task Force Radio (Addon/Mod) Mining with Shift+C Custom Paychecks Official Paid Scripts Maverick Applications Let me know if i missed anything
  19. 1 point
    I suggest you lot sort yourself out before i start banning people.. Even if its 5 people i ban at once and John is right the site is just filled with kids who argue over the most dumb shit for no reason. And before people start sending reports in and messages about who to ban lets just read "Be respectful to other members" " Inappropriate language or attention..""Rudeness and belittling language are not okay" and then you wonder why nobody helps anyone anymore.
  20. 1 point
    why this aggressive tone man? did you take a bad dump today or whats wrong with you kid? btw: blackscreen saying setting up client is not the loadingscreen.... jfyi...
  21. 1 point
    What the fuck are you on about you mong? It's a rscpicture in place of the normal black screen that says "Setting up client please wait" etc.
  22. 1 point
  23. 1 point
    It will. Make the same files and functions as that system but call it Depot for example at the end instead of Bank. And instead of fed_bank1 you make fed_bank2 for this. In short: Make 2 of everything.
  24. 1 point
    this kids, is why we don't run servers modded when we don't know what we are doing and steal pbos! Error in expression <], "Side Channel", "%UNIT_NAME", []]; fed_bank setVariable ["safe",count playa> Error position: <fed_bank setVariable ["safe",count playa> Error Undefined variable in expression: fed_bank File life_server\init.sqf, line 142 Warning Message: File life_server\FSM\cleanup.fsm, line 153: '.': '*' encountered instead of '=' Error in expression <step 0 do { uiSleep (30 * 60); _funds = fed_bank getVariable ["safe",0]; fed_ban> Error position: <fed_bank getVariable ["safe",0]; fed_ban> Error Undefined variable in expression: fed_bank File \life_server\Functions\Systems\fn_federalUpdate.sqf [TON_fnc_federalUpdate], line 11 Error in expression <0 to 1 step 0 do { uiSleep (30 * 60); { _x setVariable ["sellers",[],true]; } fo> Error position: <_x setVariable ["sellers",[],true]; } fo> Error Undefined variable in expression: _x File life_server\init.sqf, line 169 Error in expression <ariable ["sellers",[],true]; } forEach [Dealer_1,Dealer_2,Dealer_3]; }; }; [] s> Error position: <Dealer_1,Dealer_2,Dealer_3]; }; }; [] s> Error Undefined variable in expression: dealer_1 File life_server\init.sqf, line 170
  25. 1 point
  26. 1 point
    Don't help them , plus I believe you are able to block PMs in general if you continue to get it. It's sad but many people have no clue wha they are doing but still try and copy paste
  27. 1 point
    Thats fine, I appreciate it! When people can show they have attempted to fix broken things instead of just taking something and copying it. I understand a lot of people don't know these things, but Bohemia made a wiki for a reason. The amount of PM's I've received with this specific release, and the Truck Mission, is outragous. Something that was posted in plain english, and more than understandable to read but yet fail to get it working because they don't know what they are doing. It gets annoying, and frustraiting. I already had fixed it in a newer version as I mentioned, not exactly the same way but similar. So you improved it for someone else, which again I thank you for.
  28. 1 point
    15% Sale makes it 85% sale. 0.15xprice does not make it 15% Off.. As your code says: _price = round(_price * _discount / 100); If the price is 100 and the discount is 15% then the total discount would be 85% 100 * 15/100 = 15. Solve this by doing this instead: _price = round(_price * (1 - _discount / 100));
  29. 1 point
    Thank you for the great script, I had it running in a few minutes. How do I get it to pay the money to the player instead of the gang funds?
  30. 1 point
    So roll back to a backup and see if the issue is still there. If not, try too add it again. And if you tell me you did not make a backup then I will find a way to slap you.
  31. 0 points
    To end the confusion and hostility and clear this up, the OP posted an image regarding a custom "Loading Screen" in place of the normal black one when client data is called (Or created) for you in an Altis Life Server. @Gagi2 This is not about the default loading screen Arma would give you when you are loading into a server as what he posted was from a Vanilla server. Yes, if you wanted to replace that said screen you would need a mod as you need to pass along your version of the Config to clients. No need for this to be taken to an unfriendly and hostile level over a simple miscommunication.