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  1. Hey everyone, decided I'm going to start releasing assets I've made and or contributed to from Orion, here's the HUD: I won't go into too much detail on how to set it all up, just give the assets. Looks like this, + seatbelt icon in vehicle: hud_stats.hpp //--------------------------------- //By Repentz //--------------------------------- #define INFINITE 1e+1000 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_FOOD 2200 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_FOOD_RING 3200 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_WATER 2201 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_WATER_RING 3201 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_HEALTH 2202 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_HEALTH_RING
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