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    1. This is not the support section. 2. This "business script" you're talking about does not come by default so you must be using a custom mission file, which was probably stolen (whether you knew about it or not). 3. Chances are no one is going to just make you a script because you asked.
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    Hey, I made a SQL phone back in 4.0, very buggy, just cleaned it up for 5.0, for now im just going to link the github commit as I'll edit this post in the future for a real tutorial. Just run the addCellPhone.sql file and follow the steps on my github commit linked: https://github.com/GetSomePanda/AL5.0/commit/eb7689dee0d8eaecffa45bedac5e6c235d907860 - Tutorial will be made soon. List of things fixed when upgrading: - functions.sqf messing up federal reserve not spawning. - Players not being able to spawn. - ExtDB giving a null response to the local time query. - HC support fully working. To do: - Make the reply button work. - Clean easier UI. - Silent mode for phone. - Make a config. - Add a limit to how much messages can be saved in the phone, will also add something like a hardware store to buy more mb for the phone for more messages if requested. - Add option to let admin check someones messages. - Add police book, so like a list of messages the police can open when logged in as police. Might do: - Make a sent messages column, so that players can see what they have sent others. - Make cellphone message tone global, so others hear when another player got a message. - Customizable UI. - Read receipts. I will try my hardest to fix upcoming bugs but i have been really busy the past months so it has been hard for me but yeah enjoy. Follow my github repo for more updates on the phone also you can take the entire folder and use it on your server if you really want
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