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    Not quite sure what the callout here is for, I simply answered questions and gave facts. I didn't just outright come here to criticize, I responded to others having issues, such as the person very confused where this file should go: https://github.com/XaFlaForo/AltisLife-IRT-BleedingOut/blob/3f278d240dc0b106b3cf0899e397b903eaa3dc05/Bleedout/config.hpp (And as I said, it's unused/useless in this context, including it by default would be a double definition anyhow). There also was a lack of tutorial here as to what to do with the deathscreen.hpp file in general. As for the comments being copied and pasted without edit, also true: This is most definitely not the master include for IRT configs. But this is: As I stated, most of the content either is incomplete (missing tutorials or without code used to call the functions), has useless code (should have said files, but the config here for example), or is non-functional (has some sort of error). Since we haven't covered issues here, let's take a look at the script to take off your seatbelt from your other shared script: Comments are copy-pasted from the belt-on script and so is the text, so it shows you put on the the belt when you take it off. But hey, I'm the one talking shit here, right?
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    This is a little vague when you get the chance please answer these questions, it should help you find people willing to help. Q1: Will you provide any assistance with the server? I.E. Will, you help pay for the server, will you help develop it, etc? Q2: What is your goal with the server ("network" as you put it)? Why do you want one? Q3: What type of community do you have? Is it Arma based? Will your community provide assistance with the server? Q4: Do you have any developers working on the server or will whoever joins need to start from scratch? Q5: What type of server do you want? RDM central, hardcore RP, fully custom, etc? I wish you the best of luck with your community!
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