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    [4.4r4 Oly] Hey Im releasing my Y-Menu for you guys here is what you need to do [EASY Download] Okay so what you need to do is go into youre MissionFolder\Dialogs and then replace it whit the player_inv.sqf folder thats provided in the download link and after that please go in to youre MissionFile\Images Folder and drop the fanzerstuff folder in there wich is also in the download link hope you enjoy it PLEASEREAD: I will also soon be releasing a Recoded version of TFR im working on whit new 3d Model that match the design of the phone i made for it and will be recoding the audio system, and will also soon be releasing a new Spawn Screen that also looks more advanced design! fanzer_release.rar
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    ehm u can just copy paste the pic at the bottom...
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    Looks very nice and clean mate @Francis Fanzer
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    Hey me and my friend is setting up a kelleys server with altis framework 5.5. The only problem we have is that medics can't revive players even if they revive after waiting 5 seconds. Also when players respawn their bodies doesn't disappear.
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