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    @kdaws5 1) Go into the arma 3 editor 2) Click on the the yellow icon for objects and type info and it should come up then place where ever you want 3) 2x click on it and copy this into the init: this setObjectTexture [0, "\foldername\texture.paa"]; 4) hit ok then it should work
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    Your previous posted script had the ExitWith Wrong, the most recent has it fixed
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    No need for the all the noobs bit everyone gets stuck at doing something. And saying "noobs" is derogatory as I'm sure you didn't know how to do it at one point as I know I was.
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    Good way to start dialog if you don't have the time or patience is to use https://github.com/kayler-renslow/arma-dialog-creator, any gui I have done on this website was using this and photoshop
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