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    • Rozo

      Donations   09/18/2016

        We've added a donation block on the right side. All of those donation goes directly to the developer of Altis Life mod ( currently BoGuu ). None of that money is used to maintain the forum. In the future we might add a donation button to support the forum, but for now we want to encourage the developer because they went through a lot. To discuss this topic - Here
    • Shakir Darwish

      IS YOUR SERVER BROKEN SINCE 1.64 UPDATE?   09/22/2016

      If your server is broken since 1.64 go check this link thanks. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/issues/104
    • Rozo

      Sad Day   01/04/2017

      Good evening community of Altis Life RPG, Today was a sad day. We learned the hard way that one of the helper was using his status and visibility on the forum to do things i wouldn't imagine.  We were warned about this user in the beginning, we talked about his behavior and he said that they were things of the past. We were fooled.
      Unfortunately, he fooled other community members by selling stolen content and impersonating his role as a developer in another community. Here's a remember of one of the rules on our forum, No selling scripts, snippets, or services.   So if anyone come across someone who's selling his services, scripts or whatever, Report them. Especially if it's coming from an Helper, Mod, Admin. No one in the staff should ask for money, we already mention this when we reopened the forum and that rule is here to stay.

      We can't be sorry enough for what happen here, for any harm it as caused among other communities, for money that shouldn't been spent and we truly hope this doesn't happen again.

      As for the user in question, he is now banned from our forum and discord and we wish to never cross his path again.
        If there's anything we can do hit us on Discord or send a message to an admin.
      Thanks, Rozo.


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    Since a lot of people PMed me in regards to the airdrop not working, I am releasing the updated version which I re-done for my own server. This version doesn't use the life_server folder. In-fact its just 2 files. Step 1; Create a new folder called "custom" if you already have a scripts folder that is fine also. Inside that folder create another one called "Dyn_airdrop", then inside that folder create 2 .sqf files. 1 called fn_Airdrop.sqf & fn_initAirdrop.sqf Step 2; Open fn_initAirdrop.sqf and place the following Yes, you can write it yourself. Step 3; Open fn_Airdrop.sqf and place the following #include "..\..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* author: description: Dynamic Air Drop Original Airdrop Script by:: RTT. Modified by Pril */ if (civilian countSide playableUnits < (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"players_needed_drop_civ"))) exitWith{}; private [ "_enableDrop","_radius","_marker","_markerText", "_positions", "_bmb", "_box", "_flare", "_light", "_container", "_containerDummy", "_mygroup1", "_mygroup2", "_mygroup3", "_heli1", "_heli2", "_heli3", "_smoke", "_para", "_posContainer", "_var","_heli4","_mygroup4" ]; _enableDrop = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "enable_airdrop"); _radius = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "airdrop_markerSize"); if(_enableDrop != 1) exitWith {}; _positions = (getMarkerPos (selectRandom["drop_1","drop_2","drop_3","drop_4","drop_5","drop_6","drop_7","drop_8","drop_9"])); sleep 1; //Start Airdrop [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>A helicopter is going to drop a Supplycrate in 15 minutes! The drop-location will be transmitted soon!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep (5*60); _marker = createMarker ["AirdropMarker",_positions]; "AirdropMarker" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "AirdropMarker" setMarkerType "Empty"; "AirdropMarker" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "AirdropMarker" setMarkerSize [_radius,_radius]; _markerText = createMarker ["Airdropmarkertext", _positions]; "Airdropmarkertext" setMarkerColor "ColorBlack"; "Airdropmarkertext" setMarkerText "Airdrop-Mission"; "Airdropmarkertext" setMarkerType "mil_warning"; //-- BROADCAST IT [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>10 minutes until the helicopter will drop the supplies! Check your map for the drop-location!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 300; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>5 minutes until the helicopter will drop the supplies!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 60; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>4 minutes until the helicopter will drop the supplies!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 60; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>3 minutes until the helicopter will drop the supplies!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 60; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>2 minutes until the helicopter will drop the supplies!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 60; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>1 minute until the helicopter will drop the supplies!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; //-- _heli1 = createVehicle ["B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_F", [7950, 9667, 0], [], 0, "FLY"]; _heli2 = createVehicle ["B_Heli_Attack_01_F", [7950, 9700, 0], [], 0, "FLY"]; _heli3 = createVehicle ["B_Heli_Attack_01_F", [7950, 9630, 0], [], 0, "FLY"]; _heli4 = createVehicle ["B_Heli_Attack_01_F", [7950, 9560, 0], [], 0, "FLY"]; _heli1 allowDamage false; _heli2 allowDamage false; _heli3 allowDamage false; _heli4 allowDamage false; //Lock the vehicles incase a player some how can access them _heli1 lock 2; _heli2 lock 2; _heli3 lock 2; _heli4 lock 2; _mygroup1 = [[7950, 9667, 0], civilian, ["O_G_Soldier_SL_F"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _mygroup2 = [[7950, 9667, 0], civilian, ["O_G_Soldier_SL_F"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _mygroup3 = [[7950, 9667, 0], civilian, ["O_G_Soldier_SL_F"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _mygroup4 = [[7950, 9667, 0], civilian, ["O_G_Soldier_SL_F"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; {_x moveInDriver _heli1}forEach units _mygroup1; {_x moveInDriver _heli2}forEach units _mygroup2; {_x moveInDriver _heli3}forEach units _mygroup3; {_x moveInDriver _heli4}forEach units _mygroup4; _mygroup1 addWaypoint [_positions, 0]; _mygroup1 addWaypoint [[2380.47,22267.8,0], 0]; _mygroup2 addWaypoint [_positions, 0]; _mygroup2 addWaypoint [[2380.47,22267.8,0], 0]; _mygroup3 addWaypoint [_positions, 0]; _mygroup3 addWaypoint [[2380.47,22267.8,0], 0]; _mygroup4 addWaypoint [_positions, 0]; _mygroup4 addWaypoint [[2380.47,22267.8,0], 0]; _markerText = createMarker ["airbox_marker", [14028.5,18719.7,0.0014267]]; "airbox_marker" setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; "airbox_marker" setMarkerText " Airdrop-Box"; "airbox_marker" setMarkerType "mil_destroy"; _containerDummy = createVehicle ["Land_Cargo20_blue_F", [3450.7363, 16708.432, 90], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _containerDummy attachTo [_heli1, [0,0,-3.5]]; _containerDummy setDir 90; while {_positions distance _heli1 > 250} do {"airbox_marker" setMarkerPos getPos _heli1; sleep 1;}; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>The supplies have been dropped! 20 minutes until self destruction!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 10; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#ADD8E6'>Attention Officers</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>Stop the guerilla's from stealing the airdrop contents!</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",west]; //-- DROP CONTAINER, ADD PARACHUTE, FLARE & LIGHT deleteVehicle _containerDummy; sleep 0.1; _container = createVehicle ["Land_Cargo20_blue_F", [3450.7363, 16708.432, 90], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _para = createVehicle ["O_Parachute_02_F", [getPos _heli1 select 0, getPos _heli1 select 1, getPos _heli1 select 2], [], 0, ""]; _para setPosATL (_heli1 modelToWorld[0,0,100]); _para attachTo [_heli1, [0,0,-10]]; detach _para; _container attachTo [_para, [0,0,-2]]; _container setDir 90; playSound3D ["a3\sounds_f\weapons\Flare_Gun\flaregun_1_shoot.wss", _container]; _smoke = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle [getPos _container select 0, getPos _container select 1,0]; _smoke attachTo [_container, [0,0,0]]; _light = "Chemlight_green" createVehicle getPos _container; _light attachTo [_container,[0,0,0]]; _flare = "SmokeShellYellow" createVehicle getPos _container; _flare attachTo [_container,[0,0,0]]; sleep 0.1; //-- while { (getPos _container select 2) > 2 } do { "airbox_marker" setMarkerPos getPos _container;sleep 1; }; detach _container; _container setPos [getPos _container select 0, getPos _container select 1, (getPos _container select 2)+0.5]; playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\alarm_independent.wss", _container]; sleep 6; "M_NLAW_AT_F" createVehicle [getPos _container select 0, getPos _container select 1, 0]; _posContainer = getPos _container; deleteVehicle _container; sleep 0.5; _box = createVehicle ["CargoNet_01_box_F", _posContainer, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _box allowDamage false; _smoke = "SmokeShellGreen" createVehicle [getPos _box select 0,getPos _box select 1,0]; _flare = "SmokeShellYellow" createVehicle getPos _container; _light attachTo [_box,[0,0,0]]; _flare attachTo [_box,[0,0,0]]; // Fill box clearWeaponCargoGlobal _box; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _box; clearItemCargoGlobal _box; sleep 0.1; _var=floor(random 6); if (_var==0) then { _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["LMG_Zafir_F", 5]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["150Rnd_762x51_Box_Tracer", 15]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["muzzle_snds_H", 1]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["muzzle_snds_acp", 1]; }; if (_var==1) then { _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["arifle_TRG20_F", 5]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["CUP_arifle_M16A4_Base",5]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["CUP_srifle_LeeEnfield", 15]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", 15]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["hlc_30rnd_556x45_EPR",5]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["CUP_10x_303_M",5]; }; if (_var==2) then { _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["LMG_Mk200_F", 5]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["arifle_Katiba_ACO_F", 1]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["arifle_Mk20_ACO_F",4]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag_green",5]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box", 15]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green", 1]; }; if (_var==3) then { _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["SMG_01_F", 25]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01", 32]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["muzzle_snds_acp", 4]; }; if (_var==4) then { _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["srifle_GM6_F", 5]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["optic_SOS", 5]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["5Rnd_127x108_APDS_Mag", 20]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["muzzle_snds_H", 1]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["muzzle_snds_acp", 1]; }; if (_var==5) then { _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag", 10]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["ClaymoreDirectionalMine_Remote_Mag", 20]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["muzzle_snds_H", 1]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["muzzle_snds_acp", 1]; }; sleep 0.1; // Fill box end sleep 300; deleteVehicle _heli1; deleteVehicle _heli2; deleteVehicle _heli3; deleteVehicle _heli4; sleep 600; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>5 minutes until self destruction</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 240; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>1 minute until self destruction</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 50; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>10 seconds until self destruction</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; sleep 10; [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>The AirDrop-Mission has ended! The zone will remain for a further 10 minutes.</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; deleteVehicle _box; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)-21,(getPos _box select 1)+21,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)-1,(getPos _box select 1)+56,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)+23,(getPos _box select 1)-75,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)-50,(getPos _box select 1)+1,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)+87,(getPos _box select 1)-22,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)+0,(getPos _box select 1)-0,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)+20,(getPos _box select 1)-20,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)-100,(getPos _box select 1)+56,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)+100,(getPos _box select 1)-100,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)-55,(getPos _box select 1)+123,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)+577,(getPos _box select 1)-83,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)+35,(getPos _box select 1)-99,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)+100,(getPos _box select 1)-100,0]; sleep 1; _bmb = "BO_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _box select 0)-431,(getPos _box select 1)-431,0]; deleteMarker "airbox_marker"; sleep (10 * 60); [5,"<t size='1.2'><t color='#FF0000'>Airdrop-Mission</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>The airdrop zone has now despawned. You must manually declare on other players.</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; "Airdropmarker" setMarkerAlpha 0; "Airdropmarkertext" setMarkerAlpha 0; deleteMarker "Airdropmarker"; deleteMarker "Airdropmarkertext"; [] execVM "PATH_TO_FILE/fn_initAirdrop.sqf"; You can change all the weapons as needed. DO NOT FORGET TO CHANGE THE LAST PART OF THE SCRIPT TO THE PATH TO THE FN_INITAIRDROP.SQF FILE! Save the file, and open Config_Master.hpp file and add the following anywhere you'd like /* AIR DROP STUFF (ADDITION BY PRIL) */ enable_airdrop = 1; //Enable Airdrop? airdrop_markerSize = 500; //Change Size of radius of airdrop (Change if need be. 500 is pretty decent size) players_needed_drop_civ = 0; //How many Civ online for the drop to occur players_needed_drop_cop = 0; //NOT YET USED. DO NOT EDIT! airdrop_time = 3; //Time in hours for the airdrop to take place Obviously, if you can read English good, you can see exactly what these settings do. Change them accordingly. Now last things last, goto you Map Editor in Arma 3, and place down 9 empty markers(anywhere you want them to be) with the name drop_1, drop_2,drop_3,drop_4,drop_5,drop_6,drop_7,drop_8,drop_9 If you done it all correct, then it WILL work. You can call the airdrop by using the following in debug console for Global (or local, your choice) [] execVM "PATH_TO_FN_AIRDROP.SQF"; I will not be providing support, If you cannot read what i posted. That's your fault. I will help if you've already attempted to fix errors you may receive. If you ask for help, at least post the logs. This will help you quicker. Don't say it doesn't work, if you wont post a link to your logs. If it works without error, please post saying at least thanks. So I know. (Incase I missed something) EDIT: To get this working, add this to the missionfolder/init.sqf [] execVM "\Dyn_airdrop\scripts\fn_initAirdrop.sqf";
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    I'm not trying to be rude, but all the scripts on your server are released on these forums, and the uniforms. If I was you I would ask for my money back from so called toxic, as he just copy and paste all files in. I would put any money on your rpt logs showing errors
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    Working Scripts Archive easy access to all available scripts _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UI and Informational Professional looking HUD Intro Music Intro Music 2 Intro Text Intro Cam Intro Video Outro Script StatusBar Removing Default Statusbar Spawn Menu Redone Updated HUD IPAD Y Menu IPAD Y Menu 2 AI Based Scripts Dynamic Airdrop Improvements & Basic Features Simply Morphine and Bandages Dynamic market 5.0 Custom Spawn Loadouts for Civilians Seat Belts Patdown Player + Seize Objects Realistic Towing Ear Plugs Rubber Bullets Realistic CPR Kit Actions Menu Tag System Speed Bomb Zip Ties Police Backup Jaws of Life Realistic Tazer Hand Gestures Buyable Loadouts Backpack Custom Capacity Marijuana Effects Gag Action Fastrope Auto Save Adding Smoke Effect to Processing Placeable Objects for Police Invisible Backpacks for police/med Anti VDM Block Changing Names Cops can enter locked vehicles Warner's Barriers Configurable Jail Time Adding police radar GPS System Car Alarm Boat Rental Civilian Passports Police Gate Opening Hotkey Adding Smoke Trails to Cesna Suicide Vest Automatic Messages Animal Tracking (for Hunting) Wedding rings Systems and Complex Features Questing System Zipties Revised [Fully Working, With Gag and Blindfolds] Vehicle Insurance RYANTTS DYNAMIC MARKET SYSTEM OPFOR 4.4 Advanced Banking System, With Pins MrKraken's Gas Station Robbery Script Bounty Hunting Framework [Dialog, DB, Player Interaction] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed Purge [Server Event] Crafting System Slot Machines Bus Transportation Physical Cellphone Gang Capturable Areas Tutorials Basic Coding Tutorial Moving the Federal Reserve Task force Radio Black screen when not in channel ETC Separate Police/Civ Cash & Bank Account Gang Name Spawns Custom Medic & Cop Skins Adding Licenses 4.4 Tobacco-field Civilian Whitelisting Installing Task Force Radio (Addon/Mod) Mining with Shift+C Custom Paychecks Official Paid Scripts Maverick Applications Let me know if i missed anything
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    Yeah, you will see high quality roleplay. its not just about shooting and robbing. To be honest i've never seen a Stratis life server before and thats one of the reasons why this server is unique. The Founder really managed to take a island that weren't made for RP and make it so great to play on. When you join you hear this great intro music and it just makes you so happy. You will see unique signs like quad bike parking and truck parking AND I LOVE IT.
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    FLATIFY GAMING ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Us We are one of the only Stratis Life servers out there, if not the only English speaking Stratis Life server. You may ask yourself why stratis? It's a small, hilly and heavily militarized map, not suitable for a roleplay at all. The reason we decided to make a Stratis Life server was mainly because we got tired of Altis and wanted something new. It's a unique idea and the small size of the map make interactions between players happen more often even when there's a low player population. Now enough talking about the map. We are a new and very small community with a dream of making a good server with good and serious roleplay for everyone to enjoy. We are constantly trying to update and make the server as good as possible by adding new scripts and so on. We take pride in our professional police and medic forces. Our primary goal is to have a proper and realistic roleplay server with good and mature players. We take our rules very seriously and have little to no patience for trolls or rule-breakers. Our small staff team are always happy to help you. If you sign up to the website you will get a bonus of 100k. If you need help or have any questions please join our teamspeak or send me a message. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our Features We are constantly trying to add new scripts and features, so expect a lot more on the future. These are the features we have at this moment. We will add more as we continue development. • Custom textures for police and a few custom medic skins. • Maverick's XP System • Road Assistance • Vehicle Towing • Zipties, blindfolds and gags. • Serious roleplay and a friendly community that are always happy to help. • Cop radar • Non script or texture features such as a police Dispatch system and ATC. • The map, Stratis. We have also done a lot of map edits to the map including a custom made prison and so on. • Police and EMS Barriers • Lots of open slots in the police department, ems department and the staff team. And a lot of smaller things I won't bother to add here. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Info Here is some information about the server and how to come in contact with us. Stratis Life Server Ip: TeamSpeak 3 Ip: Website (TEMPORARY) : http://flatifygaming.enjin.com/ Please keep in mind that our website is TEMPORARY and is not the prettiest but it does the job. So it's no point of complaining about that in the comments. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Screenshots The Police Cars The Sergeant Uniform The Prison Plus Detention Centre The Hospital And Parking The Market Let me know if you want more screenshots. I have a few more I could post. If you have any questions feel free to message me, comment or join our teamspeak. Don't forget to grab your sign up bonus today!
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    I believe that is what he wants, to add Opfor shops Instead of "west" it would just be "east" for the shops
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    you click that button
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    Thats fine, I appreciate it! When people can show they have attempted to fix broken things instead of just taking something and copying it. I understand a lot of people don't know these things, but Bohemia made a wiki for a reason. The amount of PM's I've received with this specific release, and the Truck Mission, is outragous. Something that was posted in plain english, and more than understandable to read but yet fail to get it working because they don't know what they are doing. It gets annoying, and frustraiting. I already had fixed it in a newer version as I mentioned, not exactly the same way but similar. So you improved it for someone else, which again I thank you for.
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    Thanks for the input. I will edit my post now.
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    You should add images buddy but nice layout.
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    Not sure why you made two topics on this, you still never replied when I said when this happens to send your client rpt along with server. If you don't want to send those, then don't ask for help
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    I have seen a lot of server's offer store discounts, and decided to do my own. It is relatively easy, and not that difficult. You can set it up so only certain shops have the discount, or all shops. For me I have 1 discount % for all shops. Goto Config_Master.hpp and add anywhere discount = 15; //Change this to any number you want. For vehicle shop discounts open file: core/shops/fn_vehicleShopBuy.sqf Roughly line 46 (under neath private "_purchasePrice"; add the following private "_discount"; _discount = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "discount"); if(_discount != 0) then { _purchasePrice = round(_initalPrice * _discount / 100); } else { if (_mode) then { _purchasePrice = round(_initalPrice * _buyMultiplier); } else { _purchasePrice = round(_initalPrice * _rentMultiplier); }; }; Go down to line roughly 91. It should be right underneath [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; Change the hint to the following if(_discount !=0) then { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Veh_BoughtDiscount",getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _className >> "displayName"),[_purchasePrice] call life_fnc_numberText, [_discount] call life_fnc_numberText, "%"]; }else{ hint format [localize "STR_Shop_Veh_Bought",getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _className >> "displayName"),[_purchasePrice] call life_fnc_numberText]; }; Save that file, and open core/shops/fn_buyClothes.sqf Change: if (_price > CASH) exitWith {titleText[localize "STR_Shop_NotEnoughClothes","PLAIN"];}; CASH = CASH - _price; [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; To the following; if(_discount != 0) then { _price = round(_price * _discount / 100); if (_price > CASH) exitWith {titleText[localize "STR_Shop_NotEnoughClothes","PLAIN"];}; CASH = CASH - _price; [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; hint parseText format["You purchased some clothing for %1 with a discount of %2%3",[_price] call life_fnc_numberText, [_discount] call life_fnc_numberText, "%"]; }else { if (_price > CASH) exitWith {titleText[localize "STR_Shop_NotEnoughClothes","PLAIN"];}; CASH = CASH - _price; [0] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; }; And add the following to line 11 ( at the top under if((lblCurSel) _discount = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "discount"); Save that file and open; core/shops/fn_weaponShopBuySell.sqf Add the following right underneath _itemInfo = [_item]... Should be line 14. _discount = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber, "discount"); Right underneath _bad = ""; add the following if(_discount != 0) then { _price = round(_price * _discount / 100); }; Scroll down to line 67, if(_price > CASH) .. Change the hint on that line to the following; if(_discount != 0) then { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItemDiscount",_itemInfo select 1,[_price] call life_fnc_numberText,[_discount] call life_fnc_numberText, "%"]; }else { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItem",_itemInfo select 1,[_price] call life_fnc_numberText]; }; And the same for the line below that (Line 77 roughly) if(_discount != 0) then { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItemDiscount",_itemInfo select 1,[_price] call life_fnc_numberText,[_discount] call life_fnc_numberText, "%"]; }else { hint parseText format [localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItem",_itemInfo select 1,[_price] call life_fnc_numberText]; }; Save that file and your done with that. Now open up, stringtable.xml file and add the following to it <Key ID="STR_Shop_Weapon_BoughtItemDiscount"> <Original>You bought a %1 for &lt;t color='#8cff9b'&gt;$%2&lt;/t&gt; with a discount of %3%4</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Shop_Veh_BoughtDiscount"> <Original>You bought a %1 for $%2 with a discount of %3%4</Original> </Key> Thats it! If you have any problems, please post with either the error your getting, or the RPT logs (Server & Client). It helps with those.
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    format["%1<br/><t size='0.8' color='#B6B6B6'>%2</t>",_x getVariable ["steam64ID",getPlayerUID _x],(group _x) getVariable ["gang_name",""]]; you need to make cases for them then add this and change the variables
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    I have a question.. How to set full loading screen like in the picture.
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    Ambitious, supply some photos, proper added features and more information and it will be a nice post
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    All your advert is right now "I do wish to implement " why did you just not wait until it was done
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    Can you put your rpt log in pastebin, also just letting you know that framework is not supportive any longer
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    Sorry, buddy, I'm a beginner! by the way! Have you ever been an apprentice in one day? hugs!! Thank you for your help
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    RELIC QUESTING SYSTEM [Complete] You may attempt to install this, let me know if it works. Disclaimer: I have been given permission to release my work of the questing system added into maverick apps modular talent tree Requirements: Have a valid purchased copy of maverick apps modular talent tree What this does: Adds a questing system to your talent tree, giving experience per quest completion and.. - Stage 1: Find the 4 relics hidden around the map, bring them to an NPC for a reward [unlocks quest 2] - Stage 2: Rob the gold convoy (another maverick apps script) to receive the next relic and bring it to the NPC [unlocks quest 3] - Stage 3: Rob the federal reserve to receive the last relic, allowing you to collect a expensive virtual item from a new zone I've added in. Features: - Cannot trade relics to other players - Anti market trading of relics - Removal of the relics on player death to stop transfer of the virtual items - (optional) Complete rework of the federal reserve system to simply give money + virtual items, experience, etc. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TUTORIAL ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mission.SQM: 1. Place this into 4 separate objects on your map that you place, I used statues: this addAction["Collect Relic",life_fnc_relic1,"",0,false,false,"",'playerSide == civilian && vehicle player == player && player distance _target < 4']; Replace 'life_fnc_relic1' with relic1 -> relic4 for each 2. Place this into an NPC, it will be your relic dealer, your players must trade the relics to him for rewards: this addAction["Trade in your relics for the reward",life_fnc_relicReward,"",0,false,false,"",'playerSide == civilian && vehicle player == player && player distance _target < 4']; this addAction["Trade in your transport relic",life_fnc_relicRewardTransport,"",0,false,false,"",'playerSide == civilian && vehicle player == player && player distance _target < 4']; this addAction["Trade in your federal reserve relic",life_fnc_relicRewardFed,"",0,false,false,"",'playerSide == civilian && vehicle player == player && player distance _target < 4']; this addAction[localize"STR_Shops_Archeologist",life_fnc_virt_menu,"archeologist"]; Functions: 1. Download Quests.rar 2. Place it in your core folder 3. Open functions.h, place this block somewhere in life_client_core class Quests { file = "core\quests\Relics"; class relic1 {}; class relic2 {}; class relic3 {}; class relic4 {}; class relicReward {}; class relicRewardTransport {}; class relicRewardFed {}; }; Virtual Items: 1. Download the icons.rar 2. place them in your icons folder (make sure the virtual items code listed below calls to right location)' 3. Open Config_Vitems and place these in class VirtualItems: //relics class relic1 { variable = "relic1"; displayName = "STR_Item_relic1"; weight = 3; buyPrice = -1; sellPrice = -1; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "images\icons\ico_relic1.paa"; }; class relic2 { variable = "relic2"; displayName = "STR_Item_relic2"; weight = 3; buyPrice = -1; sellPrice = -1; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "images\icons\ico_relic2.paa"; }; class relic3 { variable = "relic3"; displayName = "STR_Item_relic3"; weight = 3; buyPrice = -1; sellPrice = -1; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "images\icons\ico_relic3.paa"; }; class relic4 { variable = "relic4"; displayName = "STR_Item_relic4"; weight = 3; buyPrice = -1; sellPrice = -1; illegal = false; edible = -1; icon = "images\icons\ico_relic4.paa"; }; //relicTransport class relicTransport { variable = "relicTransport"; displayName = "STR_Item_relicTransport"; weight = 3; buyPrice = -1; sellPrice = -1; illegal = true; edible = -1; icon = "images\icons\ico_relicTransport.paa"; }; //RelicFed class relicFed { variable = "relicFed"; displayName = "STR_Item_relicFed"; weight = 3; buyPrice = -1; sellPrice = -1; illegal = true; edible = -1; icon = "images\icons\ico_relicFed.paa"; }; //relic end 4. Somewhere at the end of your federal reserve robbery reward file, place this so the player gains the relic upon completion [true,"relicFed",1] call life_fnc_handleInv; or make it so it appears in the box, but i recommend the first option 5. In configuration.sqf, place these below life_civGang = grpNull; mav_ttm_var_relicReward = 0; mav_ttm_var_relicReward2 = 0; mav_ttm_var_relicReward3 = 0; 6. Open fn_dropItems, place these in the switch (_item) do array: //nodrop case "relic1": { if (_value > 0) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_itemName,0]; }; }; case "relic2": { if (_value > 0) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_itemName,0]; }; }; case "relic3": { if (_value > 0) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_itemName,0]; }; }; case "relic4": { if (_value > 0) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_itemName,0]; }; }; case "relicTransport": { if (_value > 0) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_itemName,0]; }; }; case "relicFed": { if (_value > 0) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_itemName,0]; }; }; 7. Open fn_giveItem.sqf, place this under: if (isNull _unit) exitWith {ctrlShow[2002,true];}; if (_item == "relic1" || _item == "relic2" || _item == "relic3" || _item == "relic4" || _item == "relicTransport" || _item == "relicFed") exitWith { hint "You cannot trade these items"}; 8. open fn_ vehStoreItem, place this underneath: if (_ctrl == "goldbar" && {!(life_trunk_vehicle isKindOf "LandVehicle")}) //Relic if (_ctrl == "relic1" || _ctrl == "relic2" || _ctrl == "relic3" || _ctrl == "relic4" || _ctrl == "relicTransport" || _ctrl == "planeTreasure" || _ctrl == "excavator") exitWith {hint "you cannot store this item"}; 9. Optional if you have the virtual auction house script, if you do, open fn_vAH_sell.sqf and place this under: (_bad) exitWith {closeDialog 0;}; if (_classname == "relic1" || _classname == "relic2" || _classname == "relic3" || _classname == "relic4" || _classname == "relicTransport" || _classname == "relicFed" || _classname == "excavator" || _classname == "planeTreasure") exitWith {hint "You cannot sell these items"}; 10. For your relic transport, you can change how you obtain it if you don't have the script, but i placed this unto the virtual loot: {"relicTransport", 2}, 11. Open stringtable.xml, place these into it somewhere: <Key ID="STR_Item_relic1"> <Original>Takhi Relic</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Item_relic2"> <Original>Arkhan Relic</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Item_relic3"> <Original>Shakrhi Relic</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Item_relic4"> <Original>Lewni Relic</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Item_relicTransport"> <Original>Prized Relic</Original> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Item_relicFed"> <Original>Federal Reserve Relic</Original> </Key> Maverick addition: 1. Open actions.cpp inside maverick_perkset_1 folder, place these near the bottom, you can edit the values obviously: class relic { expToAdd = 1375; message = "Relic Quest Complete!"; }; class relic2 { expToAdd = 1900; message = "Relic Quest 2 Complete!"; }; class relic3 { expToAdd = 2300; message = "Relic Quest 3 Complete!"; }; 2. Download the relicreward.rar file, place all the files inside \maverick\talent-tree-modular\modules\maverick_perkset_1\functions folder 3. Open the perks.cpp file inside the maverick_perkset_1 folder, add these at the bottom: class functions_relicReward { displayName = "Quest: Collecting Relics"; requiredPerkPoints = 9999; requiredLevel = 1; requiredPerk = ""; subtitle = "Collecting Hidden Relics"; description = "Bring all the hidden relics around the map (4) to the archeologist <br/><br/><t color='#10FF45'>Reward: 1375 xp</t>"; initScript = "maverick\talent-tree-modular\modules\maverick_perkset_1\functions\functions_relicReward.sqf"; limitToSides[] = {}; color[] = {0,0.46,0.76,1}; }; class functions_relicReward2 { displayName = "Quest: Collecting Relics 2"; requiredPerkPoints = 9999; requiredLevel = 1; requiredPerk = "functions_relicReward"; subtitle = "Gold Transport Relic"; description = "Intercept the gold transport and gather the relic inside the main transport vehicle, bring it to the archeologist <br/><br/><t color='#10FF45'>Reward: 1900 xp</t>"; initScript = "maverick\talent-tree-modular\modules\maverick_perkset_1\functions\functions_relicReward2.sqf"; limitToSides[] = {}; color[] = {0,0.46,0.76,1}; }; class functions_relicReward3 { displayName = "Quest: Collecting Relics 3"; requiredPerkPoints = 9999; requiredLevel = 1; requiredPerk = "functions_relicReward2"; subtitle = "Federal Reserve Relic"; description = "Rob the federal reserve, gather the relic from the reward and bring it to the archeologist <br/><br/><t color='#10FF45'>Reward: 2300 xp and the ability to loot oil rig cargo</t>"; initScript = "maverick\talent-tree-modular\modules\maverick_perkset_1\functions\functions_relicReward3.sqf"; limitToSides[] = {}; color[] = {0,0.46,0.76,1}; }; quests.rar relicreward.rar icons.rar
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    Wrong section to post. we aren't black lagoon you haven't given any files for us to help you you haven't told us what's wrong you haven't provided error logs thats not a coherent request for help
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    Title: [UK][TLG] Three Lions Gaming | 30+ Unique features Server IP: Slots: 100 Website: http://www.three-lions-gaming.co.uk/ Factions: Altis Armed Forces Altis Police Department Altis Rebel Alliance Civilian Emergency Medical Services Careers: Bounty Hunter Hitman Journalist Mayor Military Police (AAF) Port Authority Service Worker Rebel Militia (ARA) S.A.F. (AAF) Task Force Operative (APD) Terrorist (ARA) UAV Operator (AAF) Most Unique Features: ATM & Bank Systems: The SUATMM Bank based in Kavala can be robbed by regular civilians, triggering a small-scale "raid". Each ATM machine across the island has a completely remade interface designed to look and function like a real ATM. The Bank offers premium insurance (available at ATMs as well), where players can protect what they have in the bank. Customised Map: Our map has been constructed from scratch. NPCs weren't just moved, they were completely remade to ensure our map is unlike anyone else's. Some locations have even been completely rebuilt to better the atmosphere you have when playing. Our map is based around a Civil War scenario, in which half of the local population have started an uprising against the NATO assisted Altis Armed Forces. Go-Karting, Paint-balling and Gambling: Most servers have Go-karts available, and some form of "Paintballing"... in our server, we've created an actual race mode for the Go-Karting, based around the track at the airport. The Paint-balling itself is held inside a customised arena with a "Capture the Flag" style play... and the best part? All of this can be gambled upon from a local Gambling shop in one of four key towns around the map by any other players. If these events aren't on, players can try their luck at betting on the horses and listening to them win (or lose) on the radio. Map Filtering: The Map can always be quite cluttered with all the markers on it. Our server allows you to toggle off certain markers to better clear up your experience... which is especially useful when tracking other individuals. Morality: Morality is something we included to help separate players based on their wants and needs. Some players would prefer to just rob citizens, and shoot people, and with morality these players are branded as "Bad" players. They receive unique unlocks associated with their morality and can further themselves by pursuing a life of crime... other players that wish to remain on the side of law and perform "Good" actions can remain as such, largely going un-punished by Hitmen, and sticking to earning cash the hard way... they gain unique unlocks and perks as they progress on the side of Good. Quest: The Quest is mostly a secret thing in our version of Altis Life... you interact with "Dodgy Dave", a guy who served hard time a long time ago for a heist that went wrong, but has come back with a plan to get his stolen ATM back! Earning a variety of rewards as you go along, the Quest Line ultimately gives you the ability to summon your own pet dog! Player revealing: In most scenarios, players are required to track one another across the map of Altis. Several methods reveal a player's location dependent on a unique perk system in place. Players can hack, spy, detect, inspect or coerce information in order to obtain the whereabouts of other players. It even goes down to having a "Forensics Kit" and studying corpses as a Police Officer to determine who a killer might be, if there were no witnesses to the crime! Unique Texturing: The majority of our texturing is custom done to fit our server. From billboards to uniforms, most of our textures are developed in-house. *** Unfortunately, I don't have pictures or a video yet. The video displayed on our website is mostly out-dated, as we went through an entire interface overhaul after that video was made... that said, all our features can be viewed with a picture on our website *** This was a preview video meant for our existing community members, which was recorded in the editor mode... It shows an overview of the modified "Kavala Square" and the Port Authority area. https://plays.tv/s/LSTfjsWyNRvW
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    IT WORKED! That's what did it Zombie! I appreciate it! You guys are definitely the best I appreciate everything ya'll do. I'll go look now into texturing and whitelisting for only applied cops (via the forums). Also where could I ...I guess "advertise" my server/forums? Just curious.
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    Awwwwwww snap zombie at it again! Thanks buddy! Doing the editing now, will just test with the Fulton MX-991 for now, and if that works, then I'll add everything else. Appreciate it!
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    Ok @Wackbatt, @Pril-, @Deadlesszombie Thank you all so much for helping me - CASE RESOLVED -
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    Hi guys! I have a problem with needed vehicle licenses. licenses[] = { {"rebel2", "part1", "part2", "part3", "part4"}, {""}, {""}, {""} }; I have this in my config_vehicles and i want that buying vehicle requires only one of this licenses not all of them. My server is on 4.4 version.
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    Good luck, it should work if you can allow EMS to restrain and unrestrained players,otherwise you can simply add actions to EMS to restrain and escort people via addiction haha
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    That is extremely vague, and nobody is going to spoon feed you, if you want something quality do it yourself.
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    Welcome to Malden Life. This is a modded server (due to vehicles and weapons.) Before I get into the content, please have a read below. We are a newly founded community, so therefor we are looking for Moderators, Police, Medics and overall players. WE ARE A SERIOUS RP COMMUNITY! If you are 12 years old. Please do not apply for cop, medic or any other staff position. I have created this mission solo, with input from one of our admins who runs our other server Desolation Redux. About the Mission; We have 12 rankings of Police. All in-line with Victoria Police (Australia) with the highest obviously being Commissioner, and includes SWAT (Soon to be changed to a seperate whitelisting) A lot of the stuff in-side the game has been changed. I originally started off on Altis, but changed map. We currently have(scriptwise); * Dynamic Airdrops (Original Template by RyanTT re-created by myself) * Dynamic Market (Thanks to RyanTT) * Dynamic Drug Dealer *Dynamic Drug Fields * Convoy Side-mission (Thanks to maverick) * Jonzie Vehicles * MrShounka vehicles (current 2017 set, yes you can still buy them) * MattAust Buildings * Crafting & Vehicle Crafting (You receive keys upon successful craft, and you are made owner) * Royal Taunus Mint (Goldbars) * Federal Bank of Taunus (Stolen Cheques which need to be made into money to sell) * Insanely large arsenal for cops, swat, civs. * Plane Wrecks * Lootable Buildings which contain rare items to craft with. (Thanks to Fresqo) * Auction House (named Gumtree on here) (Thanks to Fresqo) * Niko's Assassination mission (Thanks to Fresqo) * Truck Delivery Missions * Gang Hideout Area Capture (Gang name shows on map for those who "run it". * Custom Paychecks * Login Rewards * Structure Repairs (Thanks to Nikos) * Cop Missions (For those cops who want to earn a bit extra, for virtually doing nothing lol) * Vehicle Upgrades (Thanks to maverick) * Custom intro screen, (thanks to IT07(was made for Exile but I ported it to Life)) * Global Store Discounts (When activated) * All house's can be brought (Marjority of the Malden double storys) * Task Force Radio - To bring better RP to the server. There is much more, but I prefer not to write everything down Things to note; * The Airdrop container & Convoy container which both contain weapons, both need to be 'boltcut' to get into them. This is to bring more RP to the server, and a fight for the weapons. * Global Store Discounts, will be activated when/if server donations reach 50% each month. Server Information: * TS3: insurgencygaming.streamlinegames.com * Web: insurgencygaming-gaming.com * Malden Life Server: * Desolation Redux Server: Malden Life Workshop Mods Needed: * Insurgency Gaming: * http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1108137340 All other Malden Life mods, are listed in the Insurgency Gaming Workshop Requirements Desolation Redux Mods Needed: Desolation Redux Mod: * http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=868032727 CUP Terrains - Core: * http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=583496184 CUP Terrains - Maps: * http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...=583544987 All other Desolation Redux Mods will be posted in the specified forum @ aussie-gaming.com Please note, I am still working on the website & teamspeak. If you have experience with TS channel creation, permissions, and/or any other experience with mybb. Please message me on the forums. While I am the only one working on this server, TS & website it is hard to do everything at once. All updates will be posted on the website. Server is in Australian Time, and server restarts every 6 hours. (12pm, 6pm, 12am, 6am). Any other questions. Please let me know! Some Images: https://imgur.com/a/SgdH8 Some but not all vehicles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGAMsmsxilk Sorry youtube somehow ruined the video
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    Its still required. We are in the process of merging. Will repost once complete.
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    Bish, Im in New Mexico how Dafaq that down???
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    down here in the LA's
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    we should get some coffee some time girl its been so long since ive seen you
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    Dats good to ere, I've been good as well!!!!!!!
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    Hey Shar Shar, how u be girl!!! Long time no see. Oh ya I am a Police officer online and irl.
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    https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/dialog/function/fn_vehicleGarage.sqf when you click a button to retrieve, here you have this menu Also are you sure you added the tank to the bottom of Config_Vehicles to the declaration not just the shop?? https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/actions/fn_storeVehicle.sqf
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    Yeh what he said just change the condition west to east and add the items in the shops as you normally would
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    Its already in english mate.
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    RPT Logs. And Don't add stuff you don't know how to add...?
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    I said nothing rude, just that you should use a PAID service, rather than expecting to get help for free (and then bumping when you don't get that FREE help fast enough)... You'll find if you're being kicked from the server, that you want to append '!=10Rnd_338_Mag' to the end of the 5 line, since line one is only for the console logging, line 5 is for kick and log... Hopefully, you're not insulted by this advice, but if you are I'll kindly remind you that this advice is offered for FREE and if you want high-quality customer service then you should perhaps use the service for which you have paid.
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    This script changes how tazing players works, instead of applying a tazing animation, it will use a ragdoll animation to simulate losing control of your body. Now this ragdoll will only last 5 seconds, so i have added the effect of applying full fatigue, and damaging the player to 60% health, to force limping. Step one: open up fn_tazed, replace all with this: #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_tazed.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Editor: Repentz to improve the function Description: Starts the tazed animation and broadcasts out what it needs to. */ private["_unit","_shooter","_curWep","_curMags","_attach"]; _unit = param [0,Objnull,[Objnull]]; _shooter = param [1,Objnull,[Objnull]]; if(isNull _unit OR isNull _shooter) exitWith {player allowDamage true; life_istazed = false;}; if(player getVariable["restrained",false]) exitWith {}; _time = time; if(_shooter isKindOf "Man" && alive player) then { if(!life_istazed) then { life_istazed = true; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [20]; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 1; player allowDamage false; if(isNull objectParent player) then { for [{_x=1},{_x<=10},{_x=_x+1}] do { call SOCK_fnc_tazeRagdoll; sleep 0.1; if(animationState player == "unconscious") exitWith{}}; }; //[_unit] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_tazeSound",RCLIENT]; [0,"STR_NOTF_Tazed",true,[profileName, _shooter getVariable["realname",name _shooter]]] remoteExecCall ["life_client_fnc_broadcast",-2]; disableUserInput true; player setDamage 0; waitUntil{animationState player != "unconscious"}; _anim = if(isNull objectParent player) then {"Incapacitated"} else {"kia_driver_mid01"}; [player,_anim] remoteExec ["life_client_fnc_animSync",0]; waitUntil{time - _time >= 15}; player allowDamage true; if(!(player getVariable["Escorting",false])) then { detach player; }; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable false; life_istazed = false; disableUserInput false; player playMoveNow "amovppnemstpsraswrfldnon"; player setFatigue 1; //no running for you player setdamage 0.6; //especially no running for you }; } else { _unit allowDamage true; life_iztazed = false; }; Next, create a new file called fn_tazeRagdoll.sqf, place it in core -> session Put the following into it: if (!isNull objectParent player) exitWith {}; private "_tazered"; _tazered = "Land_Can_V3_F" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; _tazered setMass 1e10; _tazered attachTo [player, [0,0,0], "Spine3"]; _tazered setVelocity [0,0,6]; detach _tazered; 0 = _tazered spawn { deleteVehicle _this; }; Call this function in functions.h under file = "Core\session"; place: class tazeRagdoll {}; Tell me how it works.
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    Quiero iniciar un server desde mi computador nesecito gente que me pueda ayudar y enseñar.
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    So roll back to a backup and see if the issue is still there. If not, try too add it again. And if you tell me you did not make a backup then I will find a way to slap you.