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  2. Where is the user data (logins and passwords) being stored? How is it being secured? If it's being stored in a database what type of security does it have? These questions (and more) are things users need to know.
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  4. The UID isn't passed to the player, so aside from editing it so it's set as a variable on the player (so make it retrieved from the DB and set it in a networked variable), you can't.
  5. The UID isn't passed to the player, so aside from editing it so it's set as a variable on the player (so make it retrieved from the DB and set it in a networked variable), you can't.
  6. @imthatguyhere @gluegaming Thx for the ideas ill make a prototype design for you guys to rate it and if it looks good ill do the cooding done for it :D
  7. Try adding ctulevel after playtime instead. case west: {format ["SELECT pid, name, cash, bankacc, adminlevel, donorlevel, cop_licenses, coplevel, cop_gear, blacklist, cop_stats, playtime, ctulevel FROM players WHERE pid='%1'",_uid];};
  8. Replace the end of your function.hpp with this. class Toxic_Functions { tag = "Toxic"; class Toxic_Main { file = "core\Toxic"; class busMenu {}; class busStart {}; }; }; };
  9. i changed it in the West line like following: case west: {format ["SELECT pid, name, cash, bankacc, adminlevel, donorlevel, cop_licenses, coplevel, cop_gear, blacklist, cop_stats, ctulevel playtime FROM players WHERE pid='%1'",_uid];}; As we have added a additional level specially for the cops. Now we get this error in the RTP files when a player spawns in. ___________________________________________________________ 11:57:54 Error in expression <) isEqualTo _uid) exitWith { _x set [1, _time_gathered]; _x set [2, time]; }; } > 11:57:54 Error position: <_time_gathered]; _x set [2, time]; }; } > 11:57:54 Error Undefined variable in expression: _time_gathered 11:57:54 File \life_server\Functions\PlayTime\fn_setPlayTime.sqf [TON_fnc_setPlayTime], line 24 ____________________________________________________________ If we add a " , " behind ctulevel (our new level) it wont fix the issue. If we remove ctulevel it does fix the issue. Any guess whats going wrong here?
  10. RPT : https://pastebin.com/9YeJAZR2 extDB3 : https://pastebin.com/dr1rYv2U description : https://pastebin.com/Uuvhcu3b fuctions.hpp : https://pastebin.com/9h3LRi0U I got Warning Message: File mpmissions\Altis_Life.Altis\description.ext, line 215: /CfgFunctions/: Missing '}' error now I don't know how How I fix it
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  12. Whilst many might jump at the chance to say that there's something similar on this site every reference I've currently found is all about the Steam64ID. I was wondering if there was by any chance it could be changed to a server UiD: So far all I've managed to accomplish is the steam64id and a complete loss of names.
  13. If i would like to show the DB UID instead of the Steam UID. How would i do that? What do i need to change?
  14. You'd need to modify the functions for each healing item. There's no config. It's a for loop that add's back 5% hp.
  15. Sorry its work when i have 29 of my health who can i configure that ? how many pv i can have and when use it
  16. haha i agree doe, i have not used an AI for testing since 2015 doe, i just know it works XD
  17. Right, but the code you are testing is never the code that is live. Yes the likelihood of it differing a lot isn't extremely high, half the people around here can't copy and paste from a tutorial. There's no way even doing the same thing twice is a guaranteed success and you are essentially not testing the final code. Get a friend or hire a homeless man and give him a laptop to help test or something. You can do 90% of the debugging you are talking about without the AI involved.
  18. If you where to change the code it self then i would blame that person for not thinking about copy the code and making another function or setting up a test mission. It's very simple to test this, just copy the taser code and make a function or however you want and BOOM you have a working code for an AI (ofc rename the player ect). I have done this myself.
  19. For the error, this tutorial has an error, remove the extra "(": As for the lethals, don't give them a gun that supports lethals then if you don't want that. There are tasers in by default!
  20. I don't believe you. That class very much exists in 5.0: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/dialog/common.hpp#L160
  21. What about it isn't working? There's nothing to this. It simply unlocks the car, puts you in it and relocks it. It should work fine with 5.0 and multiple people use it on 5.0 AFAIK. English needs to be removed from the Stringtable though.
  22. Cleaned up the OP a little bit to be easier to read. 👍
  23. Pastebin/SQFBin your Client RPT ("%localappdata%\Arma 3") from when you tried it. Did you make any modifications to the scripts you got from this thread?
  24. Pretty sure you downloaded on the day this bug existed (it existed for less than 24 hours) and never applied this commit: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/commit/e4f4f7867c3b4258fb56dfad71245166e7a5e5d7
  25. So, rewrite tasing and all the conditions on the menu and keyHandler to support use on an AI, just the have to remove it later since the whole point is not doing that to NPCs? Not to mention the fact that you can't actually test since you'd be making large untested changes post test...
  26. It's a cool idea, but like most radial menus it seems flash over function, like the logo being 40% of the screenspace of the dialog!
  27. Greetings ladies and gents. Haven't been on this forum for ages, but it's time for me to come back. So out of the blue, we have decided to create a custom made apocalyptic Life mod. Most of the core features are from Tonics respected framework, such as police, civilian, medic etc, though the framework itself is custom made by us from 0% with skillful developers. Nothing is copy pasta, infact we can only copy and paste by changing the functions from life_fnc_FUNCTION, to ArmaX_fnc_FUNCTION which we probably wont as we can create them ourselves. No we didn't change nor steal any function in Tonics Altis Life Framework. We won't. We've got proof. This is still in development and will be, for 1-3 weeks. We are actively developing and we won't "give up" on this project like any other community does. Anywho, no one cares about that right haha. So we have a community backed server which is currently in development but we are looking for players and graphic designer(s). I'm not really here for "players". I already have my playerbase, but I don't mind if you PM me asking what type of server it is, or if you can join. It's open to everyone. I just need an active graphic designer who is willing to work for free under Arma-X server. This isn't an honorable task, this is voluntary and will require active designer(s) who can do certain things. Everything you do is given credit for. We will require that you do not release any of these designs made specifically for this community. Thanks for reading, hope to see one or two of the graphic designers on the team ;).
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