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  2. Hello, I come back to you to ask you two questions: What is the "open" variable for? I guess it's to send if the checkout is open or not, but using a "trunk_in_use" is not enough? What does the "unique" varialbe do here? > _Cargo SVAR ["unique", _ val, true]; thank you very much for your help
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  4. Currently looking for Department of Justice members, Sheriff's Department Personell, Fire / Medical personnel
  5. Come join us over at Erie RP, where we have tons of custom scripts that will make your RP experience amazing! Are you looking for thrilling criminal activity? Look no further! With our custom made heist, you can rule the island! But watch out, the Sheriff's Department will stand in your way to complete your task! Are you looking to expand your Fire/EMS RP? We have custom fire stations, custom Fire Trucks, Ambulance, Explorer! Our Fire/EMS Staff is second to none when it comes to making patients lives more enjoyable! Is the Sheriff's Department hiring you ask? Yes it is! We have an amazing command staff looking to dedicate the time to ensure the best training possible for all new cadets! Apply today! We also have a custom drug script. Youd better look close to find the drug dealer before it's too late! Head on over to https://www.erieroleplay.com/ to find out more info!
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  7. https://mega.nz/#!ZFdR1STY!gARWeYS-247JNYufyoxI1eaa60oMLI0aZd06hp4ICgY https://mega.nz/#!FIEV2CAb!eaX45s_miZIHQjxn2Du2KgJp1p0SEfCJhSo4WGLoGVM they are updated links
  8. You would still need to modify fn_vehicleCreate for the plate to be saved in the database.
  9. This is what i've done according to what you said :https://pastebin.com/iKyVaZYy, however it still didn't work. This time however I just found that the car was correctly chopped in the logs. "a mis en pièces le véhicule 1e996044080# 1815785: alessioc63.p3d REMOTE pour $50,250. Cash (avant la vente) : $1,320" However as you can see, there is no name mentionned (litterally "has put to pieces the vehicle 1e996044080# 1815785: alessioc63.p3d REMOTE for $50,250. Cash (before selling) : $1,320"
  10. I installed battleye filters to my server but now people get kicked out for nothing and i dont know how to whitelist scripts. scripts.txt scripts.log
  11. Syntax: radioChannelCreate [color, label, callSign, [units], true/false] Example1: _index = radioChannelCreate [[0.96, 0.34, 0.13, 0.8], "Q-dance Radio", "%UNIT_NAME", [player1, player2]]; //Quotes in chat. Example2: _index = radioChannelCreate [[0.96, 0.34, 0.13, 0.8], "Q-dance Radio", "%UNIT_NAME", [player1, player2], false]; //No quotes in chat. Replace "player1" and "player2" with the variables names of the units you wish to give access to the channel. To test the command go into the editor open the debug console and paste example 1. Replace "player1/2" with "player". It should look like this: _index = radioChannelCreate [[0.96, 0.34, 0.13, 0.8], "Q-dance Radio", "%UNIT_NAME", [player];
  12. Even if I look at it, I do not know what to do. Thank you very much for your help.
  13. If I remember correctly you can't change the color of the default chats. You must create a new one. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/radioChannelCreate
  14. I do not understand what is on the Bohemia Forum and I am going to ask you guys. please answer!
  15. I might change the excecution of this so it is on the actual vehicle shop dialog so it gets called when the car is purchased not after.
  16. My Config.cfg File https://pastebin.com/pzVSNE63 My BEserver.cfg file https://pastebin.com/Wk46uhPf
  17. also only works with arma3 standard vehicles or modded vehicles if they have implemented the numberplate system correctly... but there are many out there which had NOT done it right
  18. Wait this doesn't update the plate in the db? What is the purpose of this then? Just so you can setup a one time custom plate?
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  20. I've got a similar problem, what happens to me is that when i try saving the car the same message pops up but my mission doesnt have any mods. There are no errors on the RPT log, I dont know what to do... Edit: Vehicles cant be saved when bought but can get impounded and once it's on the garage you can store and take it out the times you want without problem
  21. Works for everyone else, don't know why it wouldnt be for you.
  22. I'm just going to leave this here....might want to read the description before playing here
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