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      16 Sep

    While everyone is trying to work on Altis-Life, I'm just sitting here watching The Nut Job

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      16 Sep

    Epoch for ARMA 3 seems to be fun to kill people in but it has a long way to go...

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      16 Sep

    Boom there goes a week o how i need more devs

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      16 Sep

    your name on the overpoch server grimm and colin?

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      15 Sep

    Anyone thats good with IP.Board , willing to give a girl a hand? For example, adding ts3 viewer on to the forum?

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Dev News Dropping DB_RAW from Altis-Life

Sep 01 2014 10:41 PM | Itsyuka in Development News

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Update: DB_RAW is not supported by Altis-Life anymore, please update to v14 or higher!

Dropping DB_RAW (legacy) for DB_RAW_V2, as all the extDB builds have been updated to support DB_RAW_V2. So on Friday I will be removing the support for it, so if you haven't updated to the latest version of ExtDB, I suggest you should do so now (this includes GSP's). You have been warned.

ExtDB for Windows can be found here: https://github.com/T...release/windows
ExtDB for Linux can be found here: https://github.com/T...e/release/linux

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Dev News Network Optimizations and security patc...

Aug 27 2014 05:35 AM | Tonic in Development News

Posted Image

A newer build for Altis life ( has been pushed to the github, these changes include small network optimizations, security patching, gathering revised and support for DB_RAW_V2 (Including legacy support for DB_RAW).

Click the article title for change log and more details.

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Dev News DB_RAW_V2

Aug 25 2014 01:50 AM | Itsyuka in Development News

Posted Image

Since the new update on extDB, torndeco has added DB_RAW_V2. We will be changing Altis-Life to it eventually, but as of now, please do not worry about it. If you see "extDB: Warning: DB_RAW is Deprecated... Update SQF code for DB_RAW_V2" in your logs, ignore it. This just means that we have to update to this new format, but please do not try to change this on your own unless you absolutely know how.

What this change actually does for us. This change adds redundancy which in terms should decrease the risk of failure from extDB to the code, vice versa.

Expect an update some time in the near future.

(Also you may see SQLite being added sometime after this)

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Site News The News System

Aug 23 2014 04:56 PM | Itsyuka in Site News

Posted Image

Most of you are asking, why? And that is a good question, this is meant to keep you guys updated on what is needed to go out. I dislike using the forums as the playground of our news related things and people asking; Have you updated Altis-Life? This is broken on 3.1.3; I want fixes for 3.1.4. All of these have been looked at and fixed/updated, you just never bothered looking in the forums or the Github about it, this is where the news feed comes in handy.

I'll be personally putting up change logs and setting revision numbers on each dev build (Git Pushes), so you will know what is updated and what isn't. This should save you guys the hassle on looking for the correct thread for the updates.

Expect more dev updates in the future

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Dev News ARMA 3 1.26 Update

Aug 23 2014 04:38 PM | Itsyuka in Development News

Posted Image

So you guys may be aware of this new update for ARMA 3, yes things did break and yes we did fix them, but rest assured, I did bring goodies for all.

Git Push for 1.26 (Fixes)

Arma 3 Change log (if you wanted to know)

Fixed: Damage and destruction materials for Hunter, Greyhawk and Offroad variants
Fixed: Altian civilians should speak their language correctly
Fixed: Demolition charge has correct model when dropped from inventory
Fixed: Mi-48 optics
Fixed: It was possible to access Arsenal on a destroyed ammo box
Fixed: Sound of Wipeout rocket explosions
Fixed: Alternative sights don't have optic effects from main sights anymore (http://feedback.arma...ew.php?id=13057)
Fixed: Pitch shift of grenades
Fixed: CfgPatches for camo versions of sniper rifles
Fixed: Zone Protection worked only when there was an entire AO defined
Fixed: Supports module no longer lists vehicles with protected scope as available Virtual Providers
Fixed: Wrong localization of "Watch" button for Community Guides in French
Fixed: Possible error message in Supports module when calling in artillery after a bombing run using Virtual Providers
Fixed: Player's appearance consistent with the overview image of Showcase Supports
Fixed: Panther no longer throws itself over the edge during insertion in Showcase Combined Arms
FIxed: Changed squad movement speed modes in Showcase Combined Arms to accommodate changes to fatigue
Fixed: Kuma vulnerability mitigated
Fixed: Kart Trolley had a bad shadow
Fixed: CfgPatches have been tweaked for Bootcamp components
Fixed: Optimized overall car inventory maximum loads to more reasonable levels
Fixed: Adjusted memory points of Bobcat LMG
Fixed: Driver of Sochor may be shot while turned out (http://feedback.arma...ew.php?id=19876)
Click for more...

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